Safety First

We spent most of the weekend vegetating. I unpacked a few boxes and hung some pictures. Other than that, I just did some laundry and we watched football on Sunday. Lion still isn’t feeling well so I’m sure tonight will be about the same.

At one point, we snuggled last night and I was just idly playing with my weenie. Lion said it felt good but he wouldn’t be able to get anywhere. I didn’t think he would. I was just snuggling. He might have been feeling horny but it takes a while for a body to recover.

Lion is very appreciative of my taking care of him. I’m never sure why he’s shocked that I do. He says no one has ever taken care of him the way I do. I find that hard to believe. It’s possible he doesn’t remember. Or maybe he was never really sick enough for anyone to step in. In either case, I do whatever I can for him. It’s the right thing to do.

Another right thing to do is to make sure I keep Lion safe while we play. He likes his balls tied tightly. There have been times I’ve tied them a little too tightly. He tells me and I loosen the rope. When I use the nasty little clothespins on the tip of his cock, I can see him struggling but he doesn’t ask me to stop. He’ll say he can’t take it anymore, but he never actually asks to stop. I will if he does. When I’m spanking him and he’s yelping, sometimes he tells me it’s enough and glares at me, but he never actually asks me to stop.

It’s my job to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Obviously he can’t see his buns or asshole when I’m playing with him. Things may be fine from his perspective, but I might see a problem. It’s his job to let me know when he can’t handle it anymore. He’s the one feeling things. Between the two of us, he’ll be safe.


  1. My wife is a nurse and she is wonderful at keeping me safe. I would do stupid things while highly aroused, but she would never do those things that I think sound like a great idea at the time.
    On the other hand, she has learned that she can whip my ass harder than she used to. I often told her that she could go harder, and like Mrs. Lion, she has cranked it up. One of the few things she punishes me for is using the wet wipe container open. She punished me for that the other night using a fly swatter.
    She has used it on me previously with little effect, but this time I was squirming after just a few. Eight or ten was enough for me to learn a lesson.
    Seeing the traffic lights at the top of your post reminded me that after that punishment she mentioned I safe word. I told her that some people do use green, yellow and red, with yellow meaning take a break and red for stop. I told her that based upon our current activity, I would maybe call yellow, but did not think I would ever call red. Just like Lion, I won’t ask her to stop.
    I believe that Lion has attempted to get pushed to his limits in the past. I am interested in having my wife whomp me long and hard enough to get to and beyond my limit, but of course if she ever does I will greatly regret it at that time and probably would do anything to get her to stop.
    Sorry of going on so long here, I should spend time writing on my own blog!

    1. When Mrs. Lion was first figuring out disciplinary spanking, I had to call red a few times. That was a long time ago. Safewords are always available, especially in a situation like ours where I can make all sorts of unhappy sounds. Unless I call “Red”, Mrs.Lion ignores them.

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