Fails All Ways Around

Lion suggested that he be punished for snapping at me on Christmas day. I was considering it when he snapped at me last night. That was the straw that broke the lioness’s back. He, of course, didn’t think he snapped. He didn’t even think he raised his voice.

I’m a laid back sort of person. I let things go, for the most part. I might have been fine with Lion’s retort if he hadn’t also cut me off and knew what he was talking about. That combination is what did it. The problem is that I didn’t tell him he was in trouble. He didn’t know until I took out a paddle and told him I needed his butt. I suppose it’s a step in the right direction. I was punishing him, after all. That takes a lot. Now I need to work on the confrontation when things happen.

We had a lot going on yesterday. I was catching up on lots of laundry. Lion was playing with his new mixer. He decided he needed flour from this decade so we went to the store. I wasn’t able to make dinner until he was done with whatever step he was on in the bread-making process. We didn’t actually get our showers in to be able to play earlier than we usually do.

Lion got a new masturbation toy the other day. I don’t know how he finds these weird things. It’s sort of like a Fleshlight except it’s electronic. It even has a window you can look through to see it work. It seemed like it should work to some extent, but he said the contact points weren’t where he needed them to be. I guess my tongue’s job is safe.

When we were done with the failed experiment, it was time to taste the bread. He wasn’t happy with how it looked but it tastes great. The loaves aren’t bakery-quality and he thinks there should be more air in them, but you can’t argue with the taste. Oh darn. He’ll just have to keep practicing. Shucks.

As we were eating, he said he was looking forward to lioness fun. It was already past 10. He doesn’t usually like to play that late. But I decided a handjob wasn’t out of the question. The problem is that he’s been getting himself into weird positions lately. When I go to do his eyedrops, he has a knee sticking out the side of the bed and his head is toward the middle. I have to avoid the knee and stretch over the bed for the drops. Last night he made his side of the bed harder so it would be easier for me, but that raises the level and means I’ll be tipping backwards onto my side. Then he angled himself away from me so I had to reach pretty far to jerk him off. I gave up when my arm was going numb. He was disappointed so I went around to give him a blow job. Then he had to move the bed and move himself on the bed. It was just a mess. When I finally got to him I had to start all over getting him hard and I got tired before he got to the edge.

He did have fun, but I still consider it a failure since we had so many hiccups along the way. There’s only one way to deal with it. Get right back up on the horse….um….Lion.

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