I Need to Catch Him

Lion survived his punishment, but he bled all over my paddle again. I think his buns are just not used to being swatted anymore. I’ve been too nice. I really do need to “catch” him doing the things he’s obviously doing. I’ve been growling but I need to let my paddle do the talking.

I finished the Lion waxing yesterday. I’m sure I missed patches. I always do, but I tell Lion he gets what he paid for. I told Lion he should pay to have someone do his legs. I’ll do the upper thighs but I hate doing his legs. He says he’s fine if I do his whole thigh and leave the rest furry. I think that looks silly and that means I still have to do legs. At least it will be a while before I have to do any of it again.

And, of course, Lion was horny. I don’t think he liked it very much when I just did a drive-by with my hand. His breath would quicken as I got close and then I’d stop short. Then I’d do it again. Eventually I touched him but I never actually stroked him. I’m sure he was frustrated but not the good kind of frustrated. Too bad. I waxed him and spanked him. That’s a lot of attention even if it wasn’t the kind of attention he was hoping for.

This morning, Lion reminded me it’s punishment day right away. He’s not taking any chances on forgetting again. He got the coffee ready too. He really does try to follow the rules.

My task now is to make sure I enforce the rules. When he interrupts or annoys me, I need to tell him. I know he knows he’s doing it. I don’t think he does it on purpose, but I’m sure he’s waiting for me to catch him when he does it. I’ll work on it. Now that his shoulder hurts less, maybe I’ll have less sympathy for him. He may still be a wounded Lion but he’s not in as much pain. I guess he’s fair game again. (I’m not really sure I was lenient because he was hurting, but it sounds like a good excuse.)

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