We Just Wanted To Get Laid

The ultimate booty call

Mrs. Lion and I started out looking for nothing more than hot sex. For our own separate reasons, we had decided that a no-strings romp was what we needed. In those early days, Mrs. Lion was very content to let me decide what sort of sex we would have. Our meetings were mutually satisfying, relatively emotion-free excursions into orgasms. That’s not to say we didn’t talk. We did. In the beginning we didn’t feel any pressure to look for anything in common beyond getting laid.

That was probably a very good thing. We had a chance to get to know one another without the pressures of emotional expectations. We were fulfilling our selfish, physical needs. We were having a lot of fun doing it. It never occurred to me, at least, that there had to be more in order for this kind of seemingly-simple, sexual connection to keep working week after week. All I knew was that I couldn’t wait for the next time we could be together.

I tend to overthink things. For once in my life, I wasn’t overthinking my relationship with Mrs. Lion. I was just having a very good time. Based on what I know now, I think she was feeling the same way. Our focus on sex blinded us to the more significant connection we were making. Over those initial months, I shared a little bit about my kink. I let her know that I liked being spanked, for example. I remember her first attempt. I could barely feel her hand touching my bottom. I know she was very uncomfortable.

From all outward signs, you’d think that we didn’t have a chance. We met with no other objective than having sex. As we got to know each other, I expressed an interest she had never even considered. On top of that, neither of us had any serious interest in a relationship; at least that’s what we told ourselves.

We kept coming back. Eventually, Mrs. Lion would spend the night with me. I hated it when she had to go home. While we didn’t discuss it at the time, she felt the same way about leaving me. This was a sweet-if-carnal love story. Over time, we got married. Other than my desire to be spanked, there was little to forewarn Mrs. Lion of the path we would eventually travel.

Yes, over the years Mrs. Lion topped me in various ways. She was a quick study and mastered not only spanking, but also cock and ball torture, anal play, etc. We did this as a form of sexual recreation. Mrs. Lion did these sometimes-uncomfortable things to me because I wanted them. She enjoys making me happy.

We could have continued this way indefinitely. There is absolutely nothing that says we have to assume specific relationship roles just because we engage in BDSM play. In fact, almost everybody I know who does BDSM activities, restricts them to being a form of recreation and not a serious exercise of power.

As frequently happens to couples, over the years the novelty wore off and playtime became less and less frequent. I can’t say that I didn’t miss it; I did. But I also felt uncomfortable asking Mrs. Lion to tie me up and spank me. At the same time, Mrs. Lion lost interest in sex for herself. At one point she told me that this was because I didn’t initiate. She’s right, I didn’t very often. That’s always been a big problem for me. Maybe I’m responsible for her loss of libido. As her interest in sex waned, she was less active providing me with sex as well. It got to the point that she would jerk me off about once a month.

This never endangered our relationship. I had absolutely no desire to find someone else. Ever since we were first together, I’ve lost the ability to imagine myself with anyone else. So, I jerked off a couple of times a week and was sad that sex had drifted out of our lives.

None of this stopped me from feeling horny. My hormones were churning. In my wanderings around the Web, I came across inexpensive chastity devices. I got turned on thinking about wearing one. I ordered a couple and found one wearable. That was in mid-December 2013. The package arrived from Amazon and I tried on the device. It didn’t hurt to wear. It wasn’t a great fit, but the base ring was about the right size and nothing pinched. I wore that cage for a couple of hours during the afternoon while Mrs. Lion was at work.

That night, I brought it out and showed it to her, and asked her if she would lock me into it. That was the exact moment the earth moved for us. At the time, it appeared to her that I just had another kinky idea that I would tire of after a short time. To me, it seemed like a way to get Mrs. Lion to pay more attention to my penis.

It did. At least every other day Mrs. Lion would unlock me and tease me. Frequently, she would let me ejaculate. You can read all about that in our early posts. Under the surface, I think that a lot more was going on. You could say it was like those little tremors that occur before a volcano eruption. Mrs. Lion was taking control and making me do exactly what I wanted to do. She was making me happy.

So far, there was really no change in the power balance of our relationship: I came up with an idea that turned me on, and she carried it out because she knew it made me happy. We went on this way for more than two years. Our enforced male chastity gave me an exciting sex life. Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything for Mrs. Lion’s libido.

We still didn’t do much BDSM play. My need for it was reduced because of our chastity activities. Mrs. Lion and I settled into a routine where she would unlock the chastity device, edge me, and lock me up again. Every week or so, she would masturbate me to orgasm. Now and then, she would even give me an oral orgasm. I think we both felt this could go on indefinitely.

Enforced male chastity solved a fairly serious problem because Mrs. Lion and I had very different levels of interest in sex. It solved it in a way that has become a permanent part of our marriage. Since that fateful day in December 2013, the only orgasms I have had were provided by Mrs. Lion. On that day she told me I was never to masturbate again. Of course, I was also not to have sex with any other lioness. I haven’t. I imagine I am one of the few males around who never masturbates. It’s not that sometimes I don’t want to. I’m not allowed to and I take Mrs. Lion’s rules very seriously.

What started as a way to encourage Mrs. Lion to pay attention to my penis has become my entire sex life. She takes it completely for granted that I will not get any sexual pleasure unless she gives it to me. I don’t know how she thinks about that; or if she thinks about it all. From my perspective she has awesome power over me.

I think this is much more than just a sexual game with some penis bondage thrown in for good measure. Regardless of how we started, we have evolved to the point that my ability to have sexual pleasure and satisfaction are exclusively owned by my lioness. I wouldn’t change that for the world.