Forever Chaste

Too Late To Be Careful What I Asked For

It’s been six years since Mrs. Lion locked me in a male chastity device. A month or two later we began writing this blog. It’s a sometimes-embarrassing revelation of our journey through this remarkable kink. I have to say that my sexuality is full of contradictions. For example, I wanted to start wearing a male chastity device because it turned me on to think about being prevented from getting sexual satisfaction. On what planet does that make sense?

But there I was, getting hard thinking about being locked in a little cage that prevented my penis from getting hard again. That’s not exactly correct. I expected that Mrs. Lion would unlock me and take my (her) weenie out for some exercise. I won’t try to rehash all the reasons I wanted to try this. Suffice it to say, that I thought it would solve a problem with our unbalanced libidos. I’m happy to report that it did.

What amazes me is that now, six years after we started, I still get turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion locking up my penis and controlling any sexual satisfaction I might get. When we first started, Mrs. Lion thought I would get bored with this idea very quickly. She thought that enforced male chastity would be one of those things that is exciting to think about but not very exciting to actually do. I had my reservations as well. It doesn’t seem particularly logical that once I experienced the discomfort and frustration of wearing a chastity device, that I would remain turned on by the fact I had to wear one.

There’s no question about it, when it comes to sexual things I am far from rational. I not only stayed aroused thinking about wearing a chastity device, I loved the idea that Mrs. Lion teased me and made me wait for sexual satisfaction. Okay, being made to wait isn’t totally irrational. Male orgasms don’t normally occur one right after another. We need a refractory period for our sexual batteries to recharge. So it is fun to be brought very close to the point of ejaculation and then be allowed to cool off. After all, the level of arousal just before orgasm is very close to the actual orgasm itself.

So here we are six years later. We are still doing something that Mrs. Lion was sure wouldn’t last more than a week or two. Obviously, we are still having fun. I think it’s safe to assume that our particular brand of enforced male chastity centers around the fact that I like bondage; and locking my penis up certainly counts as that. We both like the game of keeping me very horny with only occasional opportunities to ejaculate.

Other people have very different perspectives on male chastity. If you read the various male chastity blogs, you will discover the practice is incredibly diverse. In some cases, the chaste male is trying to deny the existence of his penis. Others enjoy seeing how long they can go without an orgasm. These men often have complete and satisfying sex lives at least for their wives, while they steadfastly refrain from ejaculating for months on end. They have discovered deep pleasure in long postponement of ejaculation.

A great deal of male chastity mythology is about a man having his penis locked up and then never released again. I never had that fantasy. However, at the root of this mythology is the idea that a partner, generally a woman, enjoys torturing her man by refusing him escape from the confines of a chastity device.

Among our most significant discoveries was the simple reality that if a chastity device is uncomfortable, it’s not likely to stay locked on a man’s penis very long. Going along with this discovery is that security, the inability of the wearer to remove it, is a very minor concern. Mythology to the contrary, enforced male chastity is a male hobby. We may get our female partners to participate, but they don’t initiate it. Let’s face it, women just don’t fantasize about putting penises in cages.

When I take the time to think about it, I’m surprised by my continued interest in keeping this up. Of course, by this point, I’m not sure how much of a choice I really have. Mrs. Lion seems willing to let me spend time cage free, but she absolutely forbids me to masturbate. Whether or not I’m wearing a chastity device, I have absolutely no control over if and when I get to orgasm. If I suggested that I would like that opportunity to jerk off, I’m pretty sure she would look at me like I’m crazy.

I can’t even imagine myself in a situation where I get to decide when I orgasm. I know that Mrs. Lion would consider it laughable if I told her I wanted her to jerk me off. She will let me ask her to play with me. But she will never seriously follow my request to give me an orgasm.

I think that’s the real meaning of, “Be careful what you ask for.” It isn’t so much that my partner would take diabolical pleasure in refusing to free me from a chastity device. That may have been true in the very beginning. It’s that we have established an unbreakable pattern that forever prevents me from deciding when I should ejaculate. That’s not a small thing. I don’t regret that this is my lot in life. I can’t imagine anything else.


  1. Lots of truth here. I guess I fall into the category of wanting to be denied orgasms for long times—but it is always my Queen’s choice. But the level of horniness is so delightful to experience!

    1. Author

      It’s an interesting dance. In one sense it’s by our design. In another, we turn over control to someone else. I think this is a pretty unique situation. I’m very happy! I’m glad you are to.

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