Resistance is Futile

Good boy!

The purpose of training is “the process of bringing a person, etc, to an agreed standard of proficiency”, according to I would assume each time you train, or practice, you’d get better. I should know this isn’t always the case. I played soccer in high school. No matter how much I trained throughout the summer, I was always sore after the first day of practice. I guess the same is true of anal training.

I assumed we could just go right back to four fingers with no warmup. Not so. Well, I didn’t just jam four fingers in. I did start with two and too quickly progressed to four. I even had my thumb in for a minute or so. But I could feel Lion resisting. He wasn’t relaxing like he had the night before. Why?

It could have been because I rushed things. It could have been because he hadn’t prepared himself. I’m sure he needs to give himself a pep talk, of sorts, to be ready to have things inserted. You can’t just go from watching TV to “fist me, you fool” with no preparation, even if it is “just” mental preparation. When Lion and I had anal sex, I had the excitement of knowing he’d be entering me. I loved it. I was already primed. As much as Lion says he wants me to shove something in his ass, it can still be jarring.

Next time we do it I’ll have to help him prepare. I know getting the lube out and slapping on a glove lets him know what’s coming, but we should have a short conversation about it. Is he ready? Is now a good time? And while I’m inserting fingers, I should give him feedback. Maybe I can feel him tensing. Maybe I can feel him relaxing. He needs to know these things. Of course, I don’t have to actually say, “I feel you relaxing.” I can tell him he’s a good boy. He likes when I say that and it will let him know he’s doing what he needs to do. As with most things, communication is key. [Lion — What a great idea!]

In other news, I got the living room mostly set up yesterday. Once I get all the cardboard boxes to the curb, I can finish. I’ll also help Lion set his office up a little better. And then — drumroll please — I’ve promised Lion I’ll do some waxing. He’s been ever-so-subtly hinting he needs it. [Lion — First time I’ve been accused of being subtle :)]


  1. As a soccer coach there is a difference between training and practicing. training involves working out and preparing the muscles to be used. While practicing involves running plays and getting touches on the ball.
    As for anal walking around with a plug is different then something moving in and out of your butt. Regardless of size.
    Just my humble opinion

    1. I think that’s the point. We’ve discovered that moving a butt plug in and out is far better training than simple pegging. Simply wearing a plug is a good exercise, but doesn’t really do a lot of good in terms of anal training.

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