A Helping Hand For Mrs. Lion

Mrs. Lion has to work too hard to get me to the edge. She needs help.

I am more than a little surprised at how easily Mrs. Lion has been able to perform my anal training. I expected considerable discomfort as butt plugs are moved in and out of my rear. I feel a little discomfort when she first starts; very little, actually. Then, as she moves a plug in and out I am able to handle it with very little discomfort. Part of this, I think, is due to the use of our new, advanced lube. We are using Eros, which is designed explicitly for fisting and other anal activity. It is thick and very slippery. It is also slightly anesthetic which makes initial entry easier. It’s worth the rather high cost.

I am very proud of Mrs. Lion. She has been absolutely consistent over the last few days. I forgot on Thursday, but she remembered and told me to get ready after she finished her shower. I assumed the position on my knees, ass facing the edge of the bed.

She used one of our silicone plugs. It isn’t the largest we have, but it is about one and three-quarter inches in diameter at the widest point. This is significant for me. In the past, when we played with dildos, the largest I could comfortably accept after considerable time was 2 inches in diameter. Mrs. Lion spotted a vibrating plug online that is 2 inches in diameter, and I ordered it for her.

I have to admit that neither of us were ever enthusiastic about anal play. However, as Mrs. Lion said some time ago, it is a very intimate activity and one we can do daily if we want without involving my penis. Since I’ve had trouble lately getting to the edge of orgasm, substituting anal play is a nice change of pace. Neither of us ever thought she would be able to fist me. However, in the past Mrs. Lion has expressed a wish to be able to do this. I’m pretty sure she will succeed this time. It may not happen this week or even the next, but if she is consistent she will succeed.

This is how the Autoblow ai works. The position, stroke length, and speed are computer controlled.

I have no idea why I need so much stimulation to get to the edge of orgasm. I physically seem fine and get erections with no problem. But for some unknown reason, my stimulation level has increased a lot. Mrs. Lion has used the Magic Wand vibrator to help her. I don’t think she is very happy about that. She wants to be able to use her hands or mouth alone. The Magic Wand is so powerful that no matter how close it brings me, if she stops and uses her hand, it doesn’t work very well.

I know there are devices that work with a reciprocating motion that simulate oral or hand masturbation. One of them could be used for warm up. There are two devices that look like they meet this requirement: the most popular is the Autoblow, which is a cylindrical device with a silicone sleeve inside and a motor driven constrictor that masturbates the penis. They have a device they call their AI version that apparently varies the sort of stimulation it gives. This costs $229 on sale. The other one is much newer but not that different. It’s called the F1. This device apparently also features the ability to be software controlled and has several motors to provide stimulation similar to the Autoblow. It costs about $149 on sale. Both devices get great reviews.

f1 masturbator
The newest and most high tech masturbator. It is $149. It’s new and not established in the market.I decided to purchase this machine. I am sure we will review it. (Click image to go to the vendor’s site)

Male masturbating devices have been very rare in the past. Years ago, the only reliable one was the Venus 2000. This device made by the same people who make the very expensive Sybian female masturbator, costs almost $1000. I tested it and reviewed it years ago. It works, but it is large, complex, and fairly difficult to use. These new, more-compact devices aside from being cheaper, look much easier to use and have a good chance of being effective.

I think at this point it may be worth the investment to provide some help for poor Mrs. Lion’s tired hand. It’s a way to provide electronic foreplay. Mrs. Lion approved my purchase of the device of my choice. I selected the F1 for two reasons: 1. It is less expensive by more than $50 right now (it’s on sale). 2. It’s battery-powered. The Autoblow requires an AC socket. Our experience with plug-in devices is less than thrilling. The power cord always seems to be either too short, or just gets in the way.

Anyway, with her usual flexibility, Mrs. Lion has worked hard to help me past this difficult time. Maybe with some electronic help she, she won’t have to work so hard.