It Might Not Be Your Cup Of Tea

Every so often, we get a comment from a reader who doesn’t understand why Mrs. Lion or I write about a punishment I may have received in terms of it being something I like. I thought I put all this to bed in an earlier post (Funishments). In this post I explained that I’m turned on when I bottom in BDSM activities. Mrs. Lion and I both like when it is also a sort of game. For example, I have a rule that says I get punished if I spill food on my shirt. I’m pretty good at breaking that rule without even trying. Mrs. Lion made it up because of that very fact. So, when I get food on my shirt I am “punished”.

When we first started our Female Led Relationship with Discipline, my punishments for these trivial offenses were real disciplinary spankings. The reason for this was because Mrs. Lion needed practice developing a spanking that was truly domestic discipline. Once she perfected it, we decided to no longer punish these trivial rules with something so painful. Instead, I earn funishments. These are things that are far less serious and turn me on to think about.

For example, I might get my mouth washed out with soap or have to wear a diaper all day, or some other BDSM type activity. You might consider those things very unpleasant and something you would want to avoid. I’m not crazy about them, but I’m turned on by the idea that they will happen to me. So, while I wasn’t exactly walking on clouds when I had to wear a wet diaper all day Sunday, I was pretty turned on thinking about being made to do it. Yup, I’m a perverted lion. I thought you knew that. Similarly, I get turned on about spanking; not the punishment sort Mrs. Lion has perfected, but play spankings which can be pretty painful but not on the same level as her DD spanking.

I work hard to avoid getting disciplinary spankings. They are very unpleasant and designed to make me think twice before breaking whatever rule I broke again. Those rules are much more serious. They involve doing things that hurt Mrs. Lion’s feelings or make her angry. She doesn’t get angry if I get food on my shirt or forget to tell her about a punishment day. She gets angry if I interrupt her or act like a know-it-all. I will get a disciplinary spanking if I do those things.

A few of our readers like to judge us. One of them, James, wrote this the other day:

“Why is it that ‘any opportunity for punishment of any sort is welcome’? I thought the idea was for him to Improve and avoid it. Do you enjoy punishing him? Would you rather have him mess up so you have an excuse to do it to him? Does that include the severe spankings that he dreads?”

He’s written similar comments in the past. Apparently, he can’t fathom the difference between rough play and punishment. For the record, I think Mrs. Lion does enjoy giving me those punishments for trivial offenses. She likes to give me play spankings and I think she enjoys seeing me deal with soap in my mouth or diapers. She knows I don’t really mind them. I actually find them exciting. Sometimes, she will make me do some of this stuff without even breaking a rule. It’s a kind of play we like.

It’s fun for us. We also play games that frequently result in me having some discomfort. For example, when we play our NFL game, I get two swats for every point either team scores. A high-scoring game can leave me with a very red bottom. It’s fun for us both. I get aroused thinking about playing it.

You could ask similar questions about enforced male chastity. Why would I want Mrs. Lion to withhold orgasms from me? Isn’t that cruel? The vast majority of our readers think it’s a fun thing to do. My point is that Mrs. Lion and I are very well matched. We have fun doing the things we do. I think that most of our readers enjoy hearing about it.

A very large number of people fantasize about the sorts of things we do. Several studies reveal that over 80% of both men and women fantasize about being spanked. I’m lucky enough to actually have it done to me. Sexuality covers a wide range of behaviors. Everything Mrs. Lion and I do is consensual. We both feel that our marriage has grown and actually improved because we do them. We are having a good time.


  1. Of course I can fathom the difference between “rough play” and real punishment. I engage in the former and not the latter. I asked her about her comment because it did not distinguish between the two and because at times she shows a zeal for the real disciplinary spankings that suggests she actually enjoys giving them or at least that she has a remarkably easy time doing so.

    I also get that for you the idea is exciting and that the reality is very unpleasant.

    I do find it interesting that my question was about how she feels, and you answered with how you feel. Seems like the kind of thing you are doing all of this DD to curtail.

    1. Author

      You deserve a much longer answer than I can put into a comment. Please see my post tomorrow morning.

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