I Want a Woody

No, not that one!

Lion had a doctor appointment yesterday. His blood pressure was fairly low. That might be part of the reason he hasn’t been as excited lately. Well, he’s been excited. He just can’t maintain an erection. I have no doubt he’s horny and willing. However, he said something last night that causes me some concern.

Perhaps masturbation has lost its luster. I admit, that made my heart stop for a second. What does that mean? How do we fix it? Is he tired of me? All those thoughts went through my mind before my heart started again. Oh, and one other thought: does he want to masturbate himself rather than having me do it? He said maybe that’s why the vibrator had such an effect. It was something different.

Since the hand job wasn’t working (even after clothespins on his balls), I tried a blow job. That worked for a while and then he fizzled out. So much for something different.

I have a few ideas. The first is that it is the low blood pressure, at least in part. The second is that it was a little late last night. The third is that he may be so excited about anal training that he can’t get anywhere unless we do that. The fourth is that he was in a lot of pain after the doctor visit which, obviously, affects everything. I don’t know. They’re just theories.

Lucky for Lion I don’t give up that easily. I want a nice woody and I want it now! Well, not right now because I’m not with him, but tonight. I’d even go so far as to give him an orgasm if he’d give me a lasting woody. I have no idea how many days it’s been but I’m sure he’d like an orgasm. What do you say, Lion?

[Lion — It’s been ten days as of today. I am fine with edging or an orgasm.]

What do you think?