Mrs. Lion, Furniture Mover and Builder

Mrs. Lion's picture hanging
Here are the pictures I hung over the credenza I dragged from Lion’s office. I took the picture of an elk on the left. Lion took the shot of Grand Prismatic Spring on the right.

Yesterday I moved the heavy-ass printers off the credenza in Lion’s office, and pushed and pulled it out of the office, around the corner and then Lion helped me push it to the living room. Once there, I realized we’d discussed hanging pictures before we set it in place. This always seems to take more time than it’s worth with all the measuring and calculating but they look good.

Once that piece was out of the way, I brought in the pieces to the new unit. I learned a long time ago that it’s better to make twenty trips with manageable-sized loads than to try to drag a cumbersome box into the house. Of course, getting the pieces in the house is just the first part of the fun.
I’d guess I spent two or three hours putting the furniture together. This included a short break when my knee decided it no longer wanted to play well with others. Finally, somewhere around six, I decided I was done. Everything was done except for the doors. I hate Ikea hinges and I was too tired and achy to figure them out. Lion can use it without doors for a while. I put his printers back, hooked them up, cleaned up my mess and then realized I still had to take the garbage out to the curb. Ugh!
Lion took a shower while I did the garbage and then rested on the bed. My muscles took turns letting me know they did not appreciate my crawling around on the floor, banging things together and lifting things. Even my toes spoke up. I knew I’d be of no use to Lion in the play department. I managed to shove a butt plug up his ass but that was the extent of things.
Just for fun I’d made Lion wear his silly, frilly thong on Saturday. Part of Saturday at least. I didn’t make him wear them when we went to Ikea. And Sunday he wore a diaper because he forgot to remind me of punishment day on Saturday. Even though it was a largely hands-off weekend, Lion still got some needed attention. It might not have been exactly what he was looking for, but it was attention.
I’m still somewhat achy today but it’s more of a sore muscle ache. I should be ready for Lion edging and other torture tonight.
[Lion — Mrs. Lion did amazing work this weekend. I feel very guilty I can’t help her with most of it. I am very grateful she is so good to me.
There is a picture of me in the thong here. I loved that she plugged me despite being so tired. It’s a wonderful, intimate connection.]