Follow Through

Lion had a long day yesterday. He hadn’t slept well and then he was stuck on the bus home from PT for two hours. His shoulder hurt and he was tired. He took a shower and then hunkered down under the covers and snoozed while I got dinner ready.

After my shower I pulled out the rope again but I let him sleep for a little while. Finally I woke him up and asked if he wanted to play or continue snoozing. He opted to keep snoozing. I got him a pillow to put under his arm as the physical therapist recommended and he was off to slumberland again.
I guess the difference between last night and the night before was the fact that I communicated with him. Earlier in the day I’d mentioned using the rope. I followed that up with actually attempting to play with him. It didn’t matter that he declined. I understand. Pain and lack of sleep are detrimental to sex. We can try again tonight.
In a post the other day, Lion mentioned that he liked it when I teased him in our emails. I’d tell him I was going to do this or that to him that night. It was exciting for him. The problem was that I often didn’t follow through. Sometimes I was tired. Sometimes I forgot. Lion didn’t like that I’d gotten him all excited and then nothing happened. I “solved” that by not promising him anything in our emails. That doesn’t work either. I think we’re both much happier when there’s sexy banter back and forth in our emails. I’m making an effort to do that again. If I can just follow through, we’re golden. [Lion — I loved those sexy promises. I would look forward to them coming true all day. So, when Mrs. Lion would forget, it was a big letdown.]
Tonight, Lion would like the rope used, and something else. I’m not sure what he has in mind but I’ll figure something out. He might not like it if I choose Icy Hot. He might like it if I choose a butt plug. That’s just the chance he takes when he asks for “something else”.