This year we promise to cook it first.

We’ve been watching the news about all the storms causing travel problems for Thanksgiving travel. Lion and I tend to stay home for Thanksgiving. We’ve gone out to dinner a few times, but mostly we hunker down and cook turkey and enjoy each other. Every year I resolve to stay home for four days straight because who wants to be out on Black Friday with all the other crazies. I also like to stay home, period. By Saturday or Sunday, Lion has usually gone stir crazy and needs to get out.

I’ve been looking forward to these four days for a long time. I figure I can get a lot of unpacking done. I don’t know how much I’ll actually get done, but every little bit helps. I think the things we hope to accomplish in these four days say a lot about us. I want to unpack. Lion wants that too, but I think he’s mostly looking forward to sexual activity. We both want to spend time together but for different reasons.

I’m sure Lion hopes I’ll find the rest of the restraints and that I’m able to set up the waxing table so I can take care of all his fur. I just want the house unpacked. It would be nice to find the restraints and set up the waxing table, but that’s not my focus. I’d like to get to the point of our unpacking that we can live in every room of the house without dodging boxes. Once things are set up, then I can worry about restraints and waxing. Of course, I’m not saying I won’t use the restraints if I find them, or that there’s no possibility of waxing Lion until the house is completely set up. That would be silly. It’s just not a big goal of mine.

The turkey is achieving room temperature right now. Soon we will be on our way to wonderful smells throughout the house. And then we’ll sit at our newly cleared off table (that’s my first job once I finish here), and feast on our Thanksgiving dinner. I know that no matter what else happens this weekend, the most important thing is that we’re together and I am very thankful for that.

[Lion — Actually, sex hasn’t been on my mind. Other than a little worry about my lack of interest, mostly I’m grateful that I’m not in pain right now. My left shoulder is extremely painful most of the time and prevents me from getting a full night’s sleep. I’m just enjoying being with Mrs. Lion. It will be fun to cook the dinner. We’ll be having a turkey breast, stuffing, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls and each other. By the way, Mrs. Lion, even though it’s Thanksgiving, today is also punishment day.]

It’s Thanksgiving here in the USA. Both Mrs. Lion and I have a four day weekend. Today, aside from getting some unpacking done, we’ll be cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. We will be alone for the holiday weekend. One of Mrs. Lion’s friends wanted to invite herself for Thanksgiving dinner, but we just aren’t ready for guests yet. This same friend invited herself over a couple of years ago. We were both pretty amazed at the nerve of her to do this. Maybe it’s a Northwestern custom. I hope not.

Tuesday night, Mrs. Lion decided it was time to spank me. I couldn’t really argue with that since I’ve had at least three or four spankings hanging over my head for over two weeks now. In an email on Tuesday, Mrs. Lion wondered whether or not I would even understand why I was being spanked. It took me a while, but I finally remembered that I did forget to remind her of a punishment day and I annoyed her.

Mrs. Lion was fairly gentle. She swatted hard, but didn’t swat very long. Maybe I’m out of practice. All I know is it was extremely painful while it lasted. I know, I know, it’s supposed to be. She spanked me right after her shower while it was still early in the evening. About a half-hour later she teased me and tried to edge me. It was very exciting and fun but I didn’t get close to the edge. Could it be my refractory period is now 10 days? I hope not!

Mrs. Lion said that she wants to go through the rest of the boxes for the bedroom and bathroom. We are still missing two of our restraints for the bed. I don’t know where the wrist and ankle cuffs are. I suspect they aren’t with the rest of our toys, but who knows? It must be obvious to you that we aren’t the most organized critters when it comes to moving. I suspect we will have to move again in a relatively short time. Even if we don’t, it makes sense for us to plan ahead while we unpack from this move.

I hope you’re going to have an excellent Thanksgiving. Mrs. Lion and I are both very thankful that you take the time to follow along with our lives and to offer your comments and suggestions. We would like to wish you and your family a very happy and warm Thanksgiving.

This is Lion’s Christmas present. He said it’s “hot”.

Since I owed Lion swats, I thought that might be enough to keep him awake in the evening. I still wondered if he’d remember what he’d done to deserve said swats, but that’s another matter. The other thing I thought of doing was putting the prickly jock strap on him. He definitely wouldn’t fall asleep with that on!

Just before my shower I grabbed a paddle and told him I needed his buns. Whether it’s because he’s still got a bruise or it’s just been a while since he’s had swats, he yelped a lot. I wasn’t even hitting that hard. I only moved the paddle back about three inches between swats. I can’t possibly have built up that much force in only three inches. He might have just had a wimpy butt. It happens.

He was awake when I came out of the shower. I was a little surprised. I didn’t really think the swats would work. Unfortunately, when I played with him, I couldn’t get him to the edge. He started out excited but that fizzled after a while. It’s not a problem. He said it felt good and we went back to snuggling while I kept my hand on my weenie.

Eventually, Lion will say he’s broken again. But I don’t mind absently playing with him. I’m sure if I tied his balls up or lined up some clothespins, he’d be a little more receptive to edging. I have decided he’ll be wearing the prickly jock strap for a while on Friday. How long? I guess it depends on how long he can stand it. It is a lot of little teeth biting into some of the most sensitive areas on his body. And I’m sure I’ll have to give him a squeeze now and then just to make sure those little teeth are doing their job. Lion will be excited despite himself.

Yesterday, I got an email from Extreme Restraints. They’re having a holiday sale. I found something I thought Lion would like but it’s out of stock. When I told Lion about it, he said I can probably find it on other sites as well. So true. I found it on Amazon. It’s a cock ring/wrist restraint/nipple clamp all in one. He’s been saying he’d like me to restrain him more often. I think this fits the bill. Merry Christmas, Lion!

I’m so good to him!

I’m back to normal again in terms of recovering from my fall last week. I still have my usual sore shoulders, but my rear end is once more pristine. I know it won’t remain that way for long. I’m owed several spankings. I don’t know how many; I imagine Mrs. Lion does.

We are starting activities late in the evening again. Mrs. Lion said that I fell asleep for about an hour last night between 8 PM and 9 PM. She remained on her side of the bed with her iPad until I said something at about 10. I mentioned that when I fall asleep in the evening, she sees that as a signal that nothing should happen. I pointed out that nothing would ever happen because I’m falling asleep almost every night nowadays. I also pointed out that she could always wake me up. There’s nothing like a spanking to get the blood flowing again.

Apparently, dozing off after dinner comes with advancing age. I think in my case it’s more because I get very few hours of sleep at night. Part of the problem is that I snoozed during the evening and that made me less tired at my proper bedtime. More important, is that my shoulder starts hurting and wakes me up after only two or three hours of sleep. After that, I rarely can get back to sleep again. I’ve given this a lot of thought and I don’t think it’s pathological.

Mrs. Lion mentioned that when she feels herself nodding off at work, she gets up and walks around to shake it off. When I fall asleep in the evening, I’m in bed. I also don’t get any warning. Most often I’m not even aware that I was asleep. I will find myself waking up at the end of a program with no memory of what happened after the first few minutes. I’m not taking any medication except at bedtime that might make me sleepy, so I have no real explanation for these sudden naps.

Obviously, we both bear some responsibility for pushing things off until late in the evening. I don’t think either of us does very well when we do things after 9 PM. I think it might make sense for us to revise our evening schedule a bit. One possibility is for Mrs. Lion to dispense with any disciplinary activities soon after she gets home from work. That way, before dinner the decks are cleared for play. Our current pattern is that Mrs. Lion takes her shower at about 8 PM and then when she gets out she will do her disciplinary thing. Then, she needs to wait a while if we are to do anything sexual. Being spanked does not get me aroused anymore. That means, any sexual activity probably won’t start before 930 or 10 PM. We both know that’s too late for me.

For the record, I’m owed several spankings for things I did wrong weeks ago. As far as I know, I haven’t committed any new spankable offenses. Perhaps Mrs. Lion needs to be more observant. Meanwhile, we both enjoy being close and holding hands. I just wish I wasn’t so damn tired.