A Minor Course Correction

As usual, Mrs. Lion and I are thinking about the same sort of stuff. I’m feeling better. I still get spasms in my back when I move around too much, but they’re not as painful. I canceled physical therapy yesterday because I really am too uncomfortable for that. Mrs. Lion has been great taking care of me and has used some of the time she’s taken from work to get some needed rest. She mentioned in her post that I asked her to get going and wasn’t sure whether to be annoyed or amused. This is also a subject I wanted to talk about.

It’s true that in our power exchange Mrs. Lion is the boss. However, over the years I’ve learned that she isn’t really much of a self-starter. By that I mean she will often put things off and needs reminding. Frankly, she forgets stuff. So do I. I have a method to protect me from missing too much. I use a calendar that will remind me of planned events and things I need to do. It doesn’t always work. When it doesn’t usually it gets me spanked for missing a reminder of a punishment day. Fortunately, my work schedule is much more tightly managed.

Anyway, Mrs. Lion’s forgetfulness is most apparent when it comes to punishments I’ve earned and sometimes, sex. She’s said that she doesn’t think it’s fair for me to have to remind her to punish me. Maybe so, but she forgets quite often. For example, I am owed a mouth soaping that she has said she forgets when it’s time to do it. The same is true of spankings. She often forgets to edge me and I have to remind her in my ever-so-subtle way.

She and I have talked about this several times. The remembering problem causes another issue to come up: Most of the time it’s very late, near bedtime, before any punishment or sexual activity takes place. This is a problem for me. Over the last few years, I’ve become more of a day person. I’m much less likely to be able to get sufficiently aroused when the hour gets too late. When it comes to punishments, this late-night remembering pretty well assures that punishments are going to be delivered quite far from when the offense occurred. We both agree that the closer to the offense a punishment is delivered, the more meaningful it is. I’m not asking her to stop what she’s doing and get after paddle when I say something that upsets her. Well, maybe I am. If were not in public, it would be a very good way to teach me a lesson. Even if the spanking is the first of several I earn, if the first one is delivered right around the event, it will provide a much more poignant message.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion speculated about spanking positions. Currently, I drape myself over the side of the bed so that my legs dangled down. I’m not sufficiently bent at the right spots to provide unobstructed access to my sit spot. If I were on my knees, everything would be presented nicely. I’m not sure how well that will work. Over-the-knee spankings allow the spanker to anchor her target by having him put one or both legs between hers. That, combined with the awkward position makes it very difficult for him to squirm away. When I am flat on the bed, lying on my stomach, it’s very stable and easy to keep me there. However, in that position, or the one I use now, my bottom is insufficiently stretched to give her easy access to the areas she’d like to apply her paddle to.

One possibility is for me to put several pillows under my stomach so that my bottom is more clearly presented. We could try that. If she wants, we can try with me on my knees. I suspect that I would be able to stay in position now that I have been better trained. If she punishes me for getting out of position I will quickly learn to stay still. Since I am owed several spankings (I hope Mrs. Lion remembers how many, I’m not sure I do), she has plenty of opportunities to experiment. [Mrs. Lion – There are two spankings left for annoying me and one for forgetting punishment day.]

More important to me is moving these activities earlier in our day. I generally take a shower before dinner. That leaves the bathroom available for Mrs. Lion after she gets home from work. Currently, we eat at around 7 PM while watching television. She gets to her shower at eight and is out before 8:30. In the past, she would immediately deliver any punishments I was owed and that way give me enough time to recover for any sex she wanted to do by nine. This worked very well. She got out of the habit during the time I was recovering from my surgery. We never seem to have gotten back to it. Maybe we can make this a regular part of our evening routine: If the punishment is due, deliver it immediately after, or perhaps before, her shower. Sexual activity could start not long after that, or on evenings when I am not due a punishment, at the same time she would have spanked me.

This would make it easier for both of us, I think. In any case, maybe Mrs. Lion and I can work together to use her calendar to help her remember the things she sometimes forgets. I will be happy to remind her as well.

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