Lion Must Be Feeling Better

I woke up at 9:30 this morning. I’d been up a few times before then with the dog, to turn off the alarm and to tell my boss I wouldn’t be in again today. The plan, as I understood it, was for me to take Lion to physical therapy. He didn’t want to take the bus and I think the physical therapist can help with the muscle spasms. This morning, he said he didn’t want to go to PT because he’s in pain. However, he wasn’t in enough pain to tell me to get out of bed and get moving because there are things to do. Again, am I amused or annoyed? I can’t tell.

Right now I’m hampered by the fact that the robot vacuum is learning a new floor pattern so she’s all over the place and Lion is on the phone for work so I’m trying to make as little noise as possible. He’ll tell me I could have made all the noise in the world if I wanted to, but I know if I do he’ll tell me to stop making noise. Catch-22. So I’m writing my post in the meantime.

I don’t have too much to say because we haven’t done anything in the past few days. Yesterday I guess I had my day off I’ve been waiting so long for. I didn’t go to work so I could help Lion, but I also didn’t do much around the house. We slept off and on most of the day. Apparently we both needed it. I did a load of laundry and made lunch and dinner. None of that rises to the level of accomplishing much. Today I’ve already done more.

Two things have been on my mind though. One is Lion’s spanking position. He’d love it if I did over the knee spanking. We tried that briefly and I’m too fat to have much lap for him to fit on. I was leaning way back and that didn’t give me enough leverage to spank him very well. We also tried it with me straddling him. I’m afraid to put much weight on Lion. I don’t want to hurt him. I don’t remember how effective or ineffective the spanking was. I don’t know if there’s another position, other than him on his knees, that would allow me to consistently hit him on the sit spot. We’ll have to experiment.

The other thing I was thinking about was how to get Lion to the edge. We’ve been having some trouble in that area. He says he’s horny and then we lose it. I think he’ll get hard if I tie his balls. That’s a tried and true method. But I don’t always want to tie his balls. I’m not sure the answer is more consistent playing. I think life and all of its pressures have been invading more and more. Maybe we need to learn to meditate (I corrected a typo from “medicate” but that might work too). We may need to do like a date night. Just forget about everything and do “us” for a little while. Don’t worry if Lion can get hard. That’s not the point. Just be us again and the rest will follow. That’s the theory at least.

I’m willing.

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  1. Have you considered the wheelbarrow position? You might find it interesting.

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