spahing spoon on Lion's butt
This is the chechin spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is one of the meanest paddle we own.
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I did remember to spank Lion last night. As a matter of fact, I had to wait for him. He had to install some smart bulbs, write a post, get under the blankets to get warm, and then snooze a bit. It was after 10 before he was ready. I’m not actually sure he was ready, but he got into position. In all fairness, he got a steroid injection in his shoulder and I was happy to let him sleep before the numbing shot wore off. He’s been in a lot of pain and sleep has not been easy.

It was a few rounds into swatting when I asked him why he was being punished. I know he likes me to be more vocal. We both tend to be quiet during sex and play or punishment.

After a bit, he started to bleed a little so I informed him he was getting blood on my paddle. I thought that would add something to the exercise. I don’t know why. Maybe it was to let him know how hard I was hitting or that I was “winning”. No idea. It was probably just something to say.

Normally, aside from being concerned about getting blood on the comforter, he’s happy I made him bleed. Maybe happy isn’t the correct word. But this time he said it wasn’t a good thing to make him bleed. Did I miss a memo? I mean, I don’t go for blood but it hasn’t been a bad thing.

Sometimes I think Lion likes to throw me curve balls. Sometimes he’ll say he never said what I heard. Sometimes he’ll say he’s always said what he said and then later on he’ll say he never said that. I’m left wondering what the heck is going on.

This morning he said the paddle I used last night, a chechen spoon-shape, was less effective than the bloodwood round-headed paddle. He has no sore spots. I guess I’ll have to sort the paddles by long-lasting versus blood-producing. Although, if blood is bad, why would I want to use the latter at all?

I wonder if the key is using two, or more, different paddles. It may be worth a try.

[Lion — I am ambivalent about bleeding from a spanking. It’s not necessarily an indication that the spanking was severe. It has more to do with the fact that there may be thin spots in my skin that break open. I’m a little bit concerned about that. That’s why I mentioned it to Mrs. Lion. The fact that her “camper” paddle was more severe and left me sore for two days and didn’t draw blood suggests that drawing blood as nothing to do with severity. In any case I don’t think I’m harmed when Mrs. Lion makes me bleed.]

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I forgot to remind her of Saturday’s punishment day. I think she’s getting tired of my forgetfulness. She sentenced me to four spankings for this offense. Given the current severity of her spankings, I’m going to have trouble sitting down until next weekend. She forgot to spank me on Sunday; she didn’t forget last night. One down, three to go. When I mentioned in an email on Monday that she owed me four spankings, her response was, “So far.”

Sunday night was also, it turns out, orgasm night for me. Mrs. Lion gave me an excellent blow job. My dictation software got the last sentence as “Mrs. Lion gave me an excellent bludgeon”. I’ve been getting an orgasm approximately every four days during Unlocktober. It’s a very comfortable interval for me. There hasn’t been much sexual touching at all between orgasms. Part of the reason is the painful, rotator cuff I have. I also think she is been pretty pooped from all the unpacking.

It feels like we will never get done with this. I guess Mrs. Lion will just keep plugging away. Eventually, most of the boxes will disappear.

The chastity device market is experiencing some interesting growth. Truly effective, high-quality devices are being 3D-printed. I reviewed two so far. One was unwearable because of the sandpaper-like finish. The second, produced by exactly the same printing company but more expensively finished, is a dream to wear.

I have another one targeted for review. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise. I think this next device I will be reviewing is the most advanced to date.

I bring it up now because I realize my preferences in chastity devices has changed. Six years ago, when we started this blog, there were basically three companies making custom male chastity devices. Four, if you count our friends in Montréal who make multiple thousand dollar exotic devices. All of these devices are made of stainless steel; or titanium in the case of the luxury manufacturer.

The newest devices I have tried are made of medical-grade nylon. They are 3D-machine printed. I did try a very early printed device. Its design was sorely lacking and it simply was too difficult to wear full time. The newer devices are extremely well designed. The customization is excellent. The stainless steel device makers can only do as much as they can manage with their material: stainless steel. They have to bend and pound, shape and solder in order to produce their devices. Customization is limited to cage diameter and length.

The new generation of devices starts as designs on a computer. Every dimension is simple to change. Even the shape of the device is a relatively trivial task. That means when you order a device it can literally be designed and manufactured to fit you perfectly. Gone are the days of simple cages with just a length measurement. The new ones require accurate measurement of the head of the penis: its diameter and length; the length of the shaft and its diameter. Also, of course, the size of the base ring and the gap between the base ring in the cage.

That’s a lot of work and care needed to get the right size. Unlike the steel devices, the 3D-printed ones are very easy to change if the size is wrong. At worst, you will have to pay a small fee for reprinting if the size specified doesn’t work. Mature Metal charges $100 to adjust the length of the cage. They can’t adjust the diameter. The 3D-printed devices cost, as a rule, less than $50 to reprint. Any dimension can be changed.

The cost of these 3D-printed devices range from about $100 to more than $400. The cost of a custom steel device starts at about $400.

One of the reasons these new, plastic devices is catching on is due to the maturing of the audience that buys them. A great many people now understand that “security” is really an unimportant quality of a chastity device. Nobody is locked in one against his will. They are locked up because they asked to be. Me included. Why in the world would someone want to escape from something they asked to get?

The solitary advantage of steel is that devices made of it are more difficult to escape so we are told. The idea is that steel is harder to cut than plastic. But it’s no harder to pull out from the back. My point is that the only reason to wear one material over the other is personal preference. Chastity is equally effective in nylon as it is in steel.

I’m hating technology this morning. My daughter’s phone is giving her problems. My iPad is weird. I think both are because of recent updates. You know, they make things “better” but somehow manage to screw things up in the process.

Last night I was thinking I did a lot over the weekend but it really doesn’t look like it. I gained some counter space in the kitchen and on the table, but it’s still a wreck. I installed the bidet seat, but that was never really on the to-do list until I bought it. I put more of Lion’s clothes away but there’s still some in the box. We winterized the camper, just in time for the temperature to drop below freezing so that’s a win. I installed the new medicine chest so the bathroom is a little neater. And I got Lion’s speakers set up for his computer. But not many boxes were emptied.

I also made Lion happy when I shaved around my weenie and the boys. I’m sure he wanted more shaved but I did what was necessary. Well, what was necessary for him.  And I gave him another blow job. He thoroughly enjoyed that.

Around bedtime, I realized I hadn’t done the most important thing: punishment swats for forgetting Saturday was punishment day. It’s been a while since he did that but I wanted him to know how serious it is so I sentenced him to four days of swats. And then I forgot.

What consequences are there when I forget? I guess it’s just like any other person in power. The rules do not apply to me. Do as I say, not as I do. And then I can make a rule that says he has to remind me if I forget. If he forgets, does he get more punishment? We could be in a vicious circle.

It doesn’t make any sense for him to be punished more for forgetting to remind me when I forget. I’ll just have to come up with a way to remember. Sometimes it’s as easy as putting a paddle on the bed. If I’m not ready to swat him, but I remember I need to, doing that will remind me later on and it also alerts him that swats are coming. No one has ever accused me of being subtle.

We refer to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions as “lion riding”. It’s certainly a fair description of what Mrs. Lion does. There is another practical use for male genitalia that doesn’t involve sex. It’s something that guys are very unlikely to mention.

Here’s a hint: When you ride a horse, there is a very functional piece of equipment on the saddle; the saddle horn. We males are equipped with a similar piece of equipment. Very often one of the objections Mrs. Lion makes to bondage is the need for equipment to which I can be attached. I come equipped with a very convenient anchoring point: my balls.

Using nothing more than lightweight rope, my wrists can be bound together and then attached to my balls. Since, like most men, I am very sensitive about damaging them, I am unlikely to try too hard to pull away. My balls are available whether or not I’m in a chastity device. How convenient!

Another use is to secure my legs wide open and up and out of the way. To do this, simply tie each ankle to one ball. You are assured that I will work very hard to keep my legs as far up and apart as I can regardless of what you may be doing.

There is also a strong psychological value in anchoring this way. No matter what is going on, I’m going to be very careful not to pull too hard. That brings me to an important safety announcement. Do not use ball anchorage for beatings. During a spanking or other impact play, instincts take over and your male may not remember to avoid damaging himself. For other activities, including anal play, the balls are every bit as convenient as the saddle horn is for a cowboy.

lion's balls tied apart
Mrs. Lion is no stranger to tying and separating my balls as you can see here. She hasn’t tied them to anything in years.

Way back in the time that I first began BDSM, my partner would secure me to a doorknob or other convenient household anchor, like a radiator, by tying my balls to it. I was assured to remain in place especially if my hands were secured behind my back. When Mrs. Lion and I first began playing, I read about a guy having the big toe of each foot tied to one of his balls. I mentioned it to Mrs. Lion and she tried it with me.

Nothing really came of it. I think she untied me almost as soon as she got the second rope around my big toe. She mentioned this to me after proofreading my post earlier. I asked her why she never did that again. She replied that at the time she had no idea what she was doing. I then asked the obvious question: Will she tried again now? She said she would. I remarked that now she understands how she could make use of it. She agreed.

All this seems obvious once I point it out. The fact is that women and girls are conditioned from the first time they become aware of male genitalia to be very careful with balls. We males do everything we can to encourage this care.

The reality is that balls are quite rugged and can safely handle some rough treatment. You don’t want to pull them off, but you can stretch them without doing any permanent damage.

Isn’t it nice to know that we are equipped with such a convenient way to keep us in place?

We tried the prickly jockstrap on Saturday night. The cup, which is lined with sharp little points, is fairly stiff leather formed into the, well, cup shape. That means that my cock and balls aren’t being pressed into the points that all times. However, when I move or get a little excited the points make themselves known. I’m pretty sure that once Mrs. Lion works out how to tighten the straps, the sensation will be even more apparent.

If I am made to wear it a while, including sitting down and otherwise changing position, the points will have a very good opportunity to make me uncomfortable. Standing still is actually no problem. I’m not sure that wearing this device rises to the level of punishment. I do think it’s a nice idea for play and since the straps don’t get near my crack, it can accompany anal activities.

The other day we both wrote about our new bidet seat. We’ve had opportunities to use it. The jury is still out for Mrs. Lion, but I am 100% happy with it. This particular model has a remote control that allows me to adjust the position of the sprayer, the temperature of the water, and the pressure. It didn’t take long for me to find the right combination. It washes for about two minutes and then stops. It has an “auto” process that washes moving sprayer back-and-forth to extend the cleaning area, and then blow dries the water away. I’ve never had my ass blow-dried before.

When done, I did feel very clean and fresh. The seat also has a second nozzle to clean the front; females only, obviously. Mrs. Lion is not sure about this. I think she has to tinker with the adjustments. The seat also features a heater. If it’s cold in the house or you have a chilly butt, this heater is just the thing. I tried it and I have to say I don’t like it.

In case you wondered, the device also has a way of sterilizing the nozzles and has a carbon filter to get rid of nasty odors. It does one other interesting thing: As soon as you sit down, it mists the sides of the bowl. According to the manufacturer’s literature, this misting makes it more difficult for solid material to stick. I have no idea if that’s right or not, but it’s nice to know someone’s been thinking about it.

Up until now, the only one who has given any serious attention to my anus has been Mrs. Lion, and her attention has nothing to do with hygiene.