Last night I dreamt I was unpacking. It would have been better if I was sleep walking. At least then I might have actually been unpacking. As it is, the only thing that happened is that I’m tired from working in my dream.

When I actually unpacked some things, I found things we really needed right away. Unfortunately, I left more packed than unpacked in those boxes I opened. I think I need to concentrate on the kitchen. Once that’s done I can decide on another room. Jumping all over the place isn’t working very well. The problem is, we do need things from all rooms.

Lion has a dentist appointment this afternoon. I’ll be leaving early to take him. We have some errands to run and then maybe we can do some shopping so we can cook more from home. There are very few restaurants close to home. We’ve become regulars at two of them.

Speaking of restaurants, Lion didn’t spill any salsa on his shirt last night. This morning, he said I should search through boxes to find a paddle. I’m not sure what good a paddle will do if I don’t have the energy to use it. Right now I barely have enough energy to shoot him dirty looks.

We snuggled a bit last night. Lion’s left shoulder injury doesn’t allow him to put his arm around me. I just snuggled in as close as I could get. I didn’t try to wake the sleeping weenie. My goal was to be close without any ulterior motives.

I’m hoping I can make a bigger dent in unpacking over the weekend. Once we can move more freely around the house, I might feel more like resuming our normal activities. I know Lion is looking forward to that. I guess I am too. I’m just dumbfounded with all the boxes.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about some of my favorite sexual memories. The main one involves Mrs. Lion riding me. This sexual position deserves a little more explanation. This isn’t one of those Kama Sutra pretzel positions. Simply put, the man is on his back, legs together, and the woman straddles him, inserting his penis into either vagina or anus.

There are two ways to do this: with the woman facing her partner’s head or facing away from it. There is a world of difference in terms of the male sensations between those two variants. I find it nearly impossible to come when Mrs. Lion rides me and she is facing my head. There’s something about the way my penis and her vagina meet that keeps my sensitive areas untouched.

cowgirl sexual position
Cowgirl position. This is the best position for a woman to orgasm and the worst for a man.

Ironically, this position is one of the easiest ways for a woman to get an orgasm during intercourse. Many women don’t have an easy time coming via penis insertion. According to what I’ve read, about half of all women can’t experience an orgasm during intercourse. However, a woman’s best chance to have an orgasm during intercourse is by riding her partner facing his head. While this position reduces the male’s chance of an orgasm, it vastly improves his partner’s.

She is able to make subtle adjustments in the way his penis hits her sensitive areas. In male-superior positions she doesn’t have that ability. For couples practicing male chastity, this position offers a very good opportunity for intercourse while lowering the risk he will have an accident and ejaculate.

If the woman faces his feet, the opposite is true. It’s an excellent position to get a man to ejaculate. I find it the easiest way for me to get off during intercourse. However, the opposite is true for the woman. The angle of the penis inside her vagina makes it more difficult for her to achieve orgasm. Mrs. Lion knows this, of course, and faces my feet when she wants me to ejaculate inside her.

We learned this through trial and error. I love being ridden. It’s my favorite position. When Mrs. Lion mounted me facing my head, we would go on for a long time without me getting off. We developed a habit of her riding me until she had as many orgasms as she wanted, and then would dismount and masturbate me until I ejaculated. On other occasions, she would ride me until she was happy with how much penetration she had, and then moved forward and let me give her some more orgasms with my tongue. Only after that would she jerk me off.

I love that. It’s not that I consider a hand job the best kind of sex for me. However, it is a wonderful way for me to feel her power. I provide her with both oral and vaginal orgasms, then as my reward she jerks me off.

Not everyone will have the same experience. Some guys will ejaculate in the cowgirl (woman riding him facing his head) position. Generally, it is very difficult for a man to get off that way.

reverse cowgirl position
In the reverse position, it is very easy for the man to achieve orgasm.

The reverse cowgirl position (woman facing his feet) has advantages for her as well. In this case he will almost certainly ejaculate fairly quickly. She will probably not have an orgasm by the time he does. However, all she has to do once he finishes is to slide up his body and put her ass or vagina over his face so he can provide oral attention.

Mrs. Lion would let me finish, then give me a chance to lick her anus. When she felt she had enough, she’d slide back and present her vagina to my tongue. I would then lick her clean (not my favorite job eating semen) and then lick her clitoris until she had as many orgasms as she wanted.

Both positions emphasize female control. In either variance she can sit low and prevent him from moving inside her. With a little practice she can edge him this way. In my opinion, edging is the most female-dominant sexual activity. It harnesses the male’s most powerful instinct: the need to ejaculate. Stopping that from happening just before he is ready to deliver semen is a very powerful message of control. Aside from being massively frustrating, it’s an assertion of her female power. She can arouse him, allow him to enter her, and then stop him before he gets satisfaction.

Edging is the biggest part of my sex life. I estimate that I get edged, on average, at least 20 times for each time I’m allowed to ejaculate. There is no way I can avoid recognizing who controls my sexual pleasure.

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are our only positions for intercourse. In the beginning, we usually did it lion (doggy) style. Mrs. Lion would kneel on the bed with her butt right at the edge, and I would stand behind her and enter her. This is a very male dominant position. I had total control of position, speed, and could finish any time I wanted. If she was fast enough, she would get off too. With her on top, she has total control.

reverse cowgirl sitting on face
After having her fill of my penis, Mrs. Lion slides up my body so that she can put her ass or pussy over my face for oral attention.

You may wonder if these female-superior positions make the woman do all the work. They don’t. She can hold herself up so that just the tip of his penis is in her vagina. He can provide the stimulation by humping up and down. If she wants to tease him, he can just settle down so that her vagina has all of his penis inside her. Then he can’t thrust. Female control without doing any of the work.

Over the last few years, Mrs. Lion has lost interest in sex for herself. As a result, I’ve only been ridden once in the last three years. I miss how it feels to be inside my lioness. On the other hand, I’m very happy with the external ways he teases me and gets me off. We both hope her interest in sex will return. When it does I’m sure she will keep my penis and my mouth busy providing her with pleasure.

[Mrs. Lion – Lion has been ridden more than once in the past three years. I don’t have an exact number, but it’s more than once. More than twice too.]

I got the last of our things out of the old house. I dragged it to the new house and added it to the various piles. Now the trick is to dwindle those various piles into some semblance of a home.

I made it through the day without being too tired. Once we were done with dinner, I was tired. Maybe the food did it. I took a shower, changed the sheets on the bed and folded some laundry. The last thing on my mind was sex.

In our old house, the television in the bedroom was situated more on Lion’s side of the bed. When we snuggled, I only had to look over my shoulder a little bit. In this house, the television is more toward my side of the bed. Wouldn’t it make sense for Lion to snuggle closer to me so he’d have to twist his neck to see it? Nope. I was really under no delusion that he would. Just a pipe dream.

I mentioned that snuggling was more uncomfortable for me, so I only moved closer and put my hand on his leg last night. That wasn’t where he wanted my hand. He offered to pause the program but I wasn’t really planning on doing anything more than snuggle. Eventually I did do more.

Lion responded fairly quickly and stayed hard for a while, but it was evident nothing more was going to happen. He wasn’t getting excited enough to make it to the edge. He says he’s out of practice. Perhaps that’s true. It has been a while. And he’s got a new injury thrown into the mix. I just don’t know if I’ll play with him tonight. I need to unpack. I need to figure out what’s for dinner. I don’t know if I’ll have the energy for Lion.

Yeah. Yeah. I know. I need to make time for Lion. I get that. But unpacking has to take precedent. I’ve been so focused on getting everything out of the old house, I haven’t spent much time on the new one. And there’s only so long you can live out of boxes and use the same four forks because you can’t find the others. Picking your way between the bird cage and stacks of boxes to feed the parrot gets old really quickly. Besides, Lion can have all the attention once I get things put away. He’ll just have to be happy with my moving closer to him and holding his hand or touching his leg after I’ve collapsed for the night.

[Lion — I understand and will try to be as patient as I can. I agree that the priority is trying to get our belongings put away. We really have an amazing amount of stuff and Mrs. Lion will be challenged to find places for all of it. In the meantime, we’ll hold hands.]

I’ve read that men are supposed to think about sex almost constantly. The number varies depending on the author’s perspective. If the writer is a female who isn’t terribly fond of males, we are accused of thinking about sex more than once every minute. Less militant writers male and female, have us thinking about sex several times an hour.

Depending on how engaged I am with a task at hand, I think about sex anywhere from 0 to 10 times an hour. I don’t keep track; this is just my estimate. I don’t know how often Mrs. Lion thinks about sex. My guess is that she doesn’t think about it much at all. When she does, it’s most certainly about doing something for or to me.

I love this position. Mrs.Lion can ride me and then move up my body so I can lick her pussy and ass.

When I think about sex, it’s often in the context of either our power exchanges or oral and vaginal intercourse. I might fondly remember times when we might have done both in the same session. Years ago, I would lie on my back and Mrs. Lion would begin by sucking my cock. After she got my full attention, she would kneel straddling me with her butt facing my face (reverse cowgirl position) and ride my penis until I came. She would then move up my body, still facing my feet, and push either her ass or her pussy over my face for oral attention. Usually, she would present her vagina first so that I could clean out the mess I made inside her. Then she would move down and I could pay oral attention to her ass.

I love thinking about those times. It was wonderful fun. Sometimes, she would only ride me for a little while and then move over my face. After she enjoyed her orgasms, she would dismount and masturbate me to orgasm. Occasionally she would feed me my semen. Most of the time she would consume it herself. I can’t understand why, but she loves the taste of my semen. I’m not fond of it all. That’s why sometimes she will sacrifice and make me eat it.

Thinking about those times never fails to turn me on. I absolutely love when we did that. As I recall, we started this particular set of activities very soon after our first meeting. We kept it up for quite a long time. After we began living together, we did this less often. It was my fault.

When we met for sex, we both knew exactly what we were going to do. After all, we drove to the place for the express purpose of sex. When we lived together it was a little different. We didn’t have explicit plans for sex. I’ve never been good at initiating sex. I can’t explain why, but it’s always been very difficult for me. When we were meeting before we lived together, it wasn’t a matter of initiating. We just began what we planned to do.

It may have been my difficulty with getting things started that contributed to Mrs. Lion’s loss of interest in sex. She really likes me to initiate things. Well, she doesn’t anymore. It may not be such a mystery now why it was so hard for me. I think I’ve always been a bottom at heart. When it comes to sex, I’ve always needed my partner to be in charge. That need is probably why I missed out on a lot of great opportunities over the years. Women would wait for me to get things going, and when I didn’t they would wander off. Fortunately, somehow I managed to have quite a bit of sex anyway.

Enforced male chastity solved this problem of mine. Not only am I not expected to initiate, I’m not allowed to do anything sexual on my own. From my perspective, this fits very well with my sexual abilities. I’m good at sex, at least I’ve been told that. I’m just absolutely terrible at getting things started.

Another sexual thought that crosses my mind now and then was an incident that took place long before I met Mrs. Lion. I had been friends — just friends — with a woman for many years. After almost 10 years of friendship, she confessed that she had a dream about having sex with me. We were both married at the time. When things fell apart with my wife, I remembered that conversation and I got back to her and asked her she was still interested. She confessed that she still had that dream. I asked her if she wanted me to make it come true. She did.

On my way to a business trip in another city, I made a stop where she lived. We had arranged to meet in a hotel. She wanted to take a shower before beginning. I told her I would join her. So we had a nice shower to get squeaky clean for one another. I do love how it feels when a woman washes my cock and balls.

After we dried off, she went to the bed and lay down on her back with her legs apart. I didn’t expect her to just go and lie down, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship I proceeded to make love to her. She didn’t move the entire time. After I came, she commented, “I’ve never come that quickly.”

I was amazed. As far as I could tell she didn’t have any fun at all. I was happy that she was satisfied. It’s odd that I think about this encounter, we never had another. Why would I single out this experience? It’s probably because on some level she and I wanted each other for many years. That strange meeting was the culmination of all that anticipation. It just wasn’t anywhere near the way I expected it to go. Still, it pops up sometimes when I think about sex.

clothespins on lion's balls
Lion wearing clothespins. He usually likes it, or at least puts up with the pinching.

Most often I think about Mrs. Lion tying me to the bed or in the sling and playing with me. She’s a master of CBT. I remember times she put 45 or more clothespins on my cock and balls. It was pretty uncomfortable, but it still turned me on.

I also think about her painting a racing stripe from the bottom of my cock all the way to my anus with Icy Hot, Ben Gay, or some other hot stuff. She seems very fond of painting those hot stripes.

She also likes to tie my balls tightly with each one separated from the other. Then, she enjoys bouncing them or slapping them. She will masturbate me vigorously which forces the balls to bounce on each stroke. I do love that.

I have lots to think about when I want to think about sex. Thanks to Mrs. Lion I get to do more than think about it. I get to live it.