spanked lion butt
The lightweight tenderizer famously stings and creates leathery spots on Lion’s butt.

So far, this Friday the 13th  is lucky for us. The junk removal people are here removing our junk. Actually, most of it is good stuff. There’s just too much of it. We’re trying to take as little as humanly possible with us. But we’re still keeping a lot. All in all, we might be cutting our stuff in half.

I still have a lot of packing to do, but it’s nice to see empty floor. Lion feels really good about the junk going although he thinks we’re keeping way too much. With some of this stress off of us, maybe we can get back to the task at hand.

I remembered I had to spank Lion last night. I just couldn’t get my body to go get a paddle. Like a good boy, he reminded me. I used a lightweight paddle and gave him another leathery butt.

I’m not sure what’s causing the leathery look and feel. I guess it’s just that particular paddle. I haven’t been using the tenderizer side. The flat side seems to be working very well.

Today I packed up most of the paddles in our spare bedroom. Of course, I made sure to save out two nice ones I can use until things get all sorted out. And don’t forget, I still have mean ones in the camper closet. There’s no reason Lion’s butt should be safe.

I know we’re still worried about the move but it’s looking better around here. I’m hoping Lion will sleep at night and stay awake during the evening so we can play. I haven’t just edged him in a while. Maybe now we can concentrate on the good stuff again. That’s my goal for tonight at least.

We have some errands to run this afternoon and then we can have dinner and settle in for the night. Lion’s punishment will come first and then, if he stays awake, we can snuggle. We’ll see where my wandering hands take us from there.