Looking Forward to His Behind

I think Lion is amazed that I’ll stay with him through all the health issues he’s had. I’m not sure what he expected. He’s said in the past that no one has taken such good care of him. He’s been married a few times. Is he forgetting what his other wives did for him? Or didn’t they take care of him because he never needed help like he’s needed in the past few years? I can’t imagine they turned their backs on him when he needed them.

It’s not like he’s doing these things on purpose. He didn’t shove a stick in his eye to create the need for surgeries. He didn’t narrow the channel in his spine to require neck surgery. One could argue that he’s had a relatively healthy life and just seems to be falling apart all at once. In any case, I’m sticking with him.

Lion also seems to think I resent (there’s a better word out there, but this will have to do) playing with him because I don’t want sex for myself. While it may be true that I’ve wished he’d have less of a sex drive from time to time, that would change him and I don’t want to change him. I love my Lion just the way he is…minus the interruptions and know-it-all tendencies, that is.

Yes, he still needs a little work but that’s what spankings are for. Once he’s all healed up from last week’s surgery and the upcoming one this week, the spankings will resume. I’m not keeping a tally of things he’s done recently because I’ve suspended the rules for now. If I was I’m not sure I could ever catch up on punishment. Just know that I am paying attention and I’ve been giving him a (less than) gentle snarl from time to time. He should know when he stomps on a rule even if they aren’t in effect.

The biggest issue is interrupting. It’s as if interrupting and surgery go hand-in-hand. I haven’t really paid attention to this before, but there seems to be a correlation. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s uncertainty. Maybe it’s annoyance that all this keeps happening to him. Regardless, it’s annoying to me. I’ll help him through things, but if I can’t finish a sentence I don’t even want to start one. Then I get quiet and he wonders what’s wrong. Nah. It’s easier just to growl back at him until things go back to normal and I can take a swipe at him.

Be afraid, Lion. Be very afraid.