Lion's spanked butt
This is Lion’s butt after his spanking last night. The camera just doesn’t show how red he really is. Frustrating!(Click image to view larger)

“I’m not saying you’re wrong, but….”

Anytime anyone starts a sentence like that, you know you’re wrong. At least the speaker thinks so. When it’s Lion saying it, well let’s just say his butt is on the line so he should think twice about saying it.

He was referring to my spanking job on Saturday night. His buns were a nice deep red all over. I was so proud of them, I took a picture. And the picture, as you know, didn’t show the same thing I saw. Obviously, the camera was right. I was wrong. How could it possibly be that the camera missed what I saw? It’s not the first time. Other pictures on our site have looked different from what I’ve seen. I guess the difference is this time I was happy with the results and Lion could only see the picture of his butt. He could feel it too, obviously, but pictures don’t lie.

The more I told him what I saw, the more he told me the camera picks up whatever is there. The more he argued with me, the more annoyed I got. I assume he finally realized he was close to getting another day added to his already full punishment schedule because he finally said digital cameras sometimes have problems picking up red. Nice save, Lion. Your buns thank you.

However, this I-didn’t-swat-in-the-right-places review inspired me to make damn sure I hit in the right places last night. I used the wooden spoon even though it doesn’t pack the same punch as some of the other paddles. But it has a small head and I can concentrate the swats right where I want them. The result was not such a deep red as Saturday night, but I think I got my point across. I took another picture but I’m not at all confident it showed what I saw so the point is moot.

Lion said his butt hurt a lot. This time there was no blood so I had him sit on the welcome mat. He says the welcome mat I can’t find is meaner than this alternate one. I’ll have to find that other one. Still, the little coconut barbs poked him in all the right places so it wasn’t a total loss. Tonight his dessert will be Irish Spring soap. Lion says it’s supposed to be the worst. Good!

spahing spoon on Lion's butt
This is the chechin spanking spoon shown on our size indicator (my butt). It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is the meanest paddle we own.
(Click image to view larger)

Every time I offer suggestions that make Mrs. Lion more effective in spanking her husband who happens to be me. I get feedback wondering why I would want to make things worse for myself. It’s a fair question. Certainly, during my more severe spankings I wonder what I was thinking. The truth is I did the right thing.

The fantasy is that my disciplining wife arrived in my life as a practiced spanker and punisher. How many of these do you think exist? Ding! Ding! Ding! That’s right, almost none. There’s a good reason for this: The overwhelming majority of women have never had either the desire or opportunity to punish a man, or anyone else for that matter. Even if they were strict mothers who spanked their children, they are still unprepared for disciplining a grown man.

Fantasies aside, you would be very hard-pressed to find a club or class for disciplining wives. In a way that’s too bad. There is technique involved in administering spankings, for example. Surprisingly, 20 years ago if you lived in a fairly large city, there were workshops readily available on many of the subjects a well-trained disciplining wife needs. I have attended and taught many spanking workshops. I’ve also attended workshops on anal activities, cock and ball torture, as well as many other useful topics.

Almost all disciplining wives are largely self-taught when it comes to spanking and other punishments. It’s not rocket science. For example, you really don’t need to know much to effectively use a paddle on a man’s bottom. Once you understand the safe zone between the center of his butt and the center of his thighs, you’ve had your safety training.

The much harder topic is how hard and how much? Many spankers answer this question by judging how they feel during spanking. This is probably why it took years for Mrs. Lion to become a truly effective spanker. She loves me and doesn’t want to hurt me. Sometimes she needs my encouragement to push past her current level.

I believe an effective spanking has to go past the point that I’m willing to accept it. It has to demonstrate that I have absolutely no control over what’s happening to me. It has to be bad enough to deter me from repeating an offense. The problem for the spanker is that if she doesn’t go past that point, essentially it’s a play spanking; one that I would want as opposed to one that I am getting because I earned it.

The objective isn’t to injure me. It’s to send and educational message. I will only get this message if the spanking is long enough and hard enough to make me truly wish I wasn’t getting it. It’s very difficult for the spanker to judge when this line is crossed. In easy cases, the man produces tears. That’s generally a good indication he has surrendered to the punishment and any spanking he gets after the tears begin will be perceived as true punishment.

I’ve never cried during the spanking. A lot of men are like me. I don’t know why, but that’s how I am. That makes Mrs. Lion’s job more difficult. She knows she needs to spank me until I realize I am being punished. She doesn’t want to spank me so much that she’s being abusive. In fact, she would never be abusive for spanking me since it is something completely consensual. It still begs the question about how much is enough?

opportunities to spank new areas
You can see that a considerable amount of real estate didn’t get as much attention as the sides. This is an opportunity to extend the spanking.

Saturday night, she upped the ante. The spanking was longer and the swats more severe. If you look at the picture she took after she finished, you can see that there were two main target areas, one on each side of my bottom. There was relatively little marking between them.

In a real sense this is a lost opportunity. From the markings it’s obvious that Mrs. Lion did a very thorough job on to relatively small areas of my butt. A much larger part of my “sit space” shows no marking at all. This doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lion’s spanking technique is poor or needs improvement. It just suggests that she has a lot more opportunities to make her point.

Typically, she’ll apply 10 or 15 hard strokes to one spot (e.g.: the left side of my left cheek) and then repeat on the other side of my crack about the same distance from center. With all that available real estate she has another three opportunities on each side to repeat those 10 to 15 swats. She has two on each side close to my crack running down vertically from the top. She has at least two more areas on each side directly below the existing marks.

When she uses one of her small-headed paddles she can easily localize her striking area and extend into this new territory. If she uses one of the larger paddles it may be a little more difficult, but she can use the changing color of my cheeks to guide her.

This suggestion will allow her to greatly extend the amount of time she swats me. As I’ve noted before, I am very aware of how long a punishment goes on. I am less aware of the intensity of each swat.

Waxing seemed a little easier yesterday. I don’t think it had anything to do with leaving his legs hairy. There were only a few spots of stubborn hair that wouldn’t come out on the first or second try. Maybe that means the back side, which is generally less hairy, will be more difficult just to even things out.

Lion was watching TV when I was ready to punish him. I thought I’d be nice and allow him to sit on the welcome mat rather than having him sit on the punishment stool in the corner. I’ve done this before and my theory is that the welcome mat follows the contour of his butt and make more contact with the sore areas. However, because Lion opened his big mouth and said I wasn’t hitting harder or longer, I made sure I hit harder and longer. His cheeks were definitely red and the two little spots of blood spread even more redness. He was yelping from the very beginning.

Since I couldn’t have his bloody bottom on the welcome mat, I was forced to shove a bar of soap in his mouth. I found one of the bars Lion thinks are too small to be useful. I lathered it up, made sure I got soap all over the inside of his mouth and told him to bite down on the bar. I only made him hold it for five minutes because I’m too nice. When he was done rinsing his mouth out, he said the soap has almost no taste and I should think about getting a different kind. Silly me! I thought the fact that he had a foaming bar of yuck in his mouth was the horrible part. I didn’t realize it had to taste like pond scum too. I’ll have him pick out his own disgusting flavor when we go shopping later.

Yes, Lion keeps “helping” himself. I’m grateful when he tells me things aren’t going the way I planned, but sometimes I just have to shake my head. It seems counterintuitive. However, I guess 3.0 must really be here because 2.0 only took some of his suggestions. 3.0 sees them as a challenge. Oh yeah? I’m not hitting hard enough? Well, take that!

[Lion — We went shopping and bought Irish Spring soap. Yuck!]

Mrs. Lion applied the tenderizer to my already-tender bottom Friday night.

There Is something new in the lion’s den. Mrs. Lion assigned herself a punishment when she forgot that Thursday was a punishment day. If you missed it, I forgot to tell her on Thursday. She also forgot, something she almost never does, and was surprised on Friday when I confessed to missing. She decided she deserved a punishment too. I’m being waxed this weekend. She knows that I like my legs waxed as well as the rest of me. She particularly dislikes waxing my legs because it’s very difficult and she actually likes them to be furry. So, she “punished” herself by deciding to wax my legs in addition to the rest of me. I was taken aback by this.

At dinner on Friday night, I managed to get some food on my shirt. I knew that I already have five days of spanking, soaping, and corner time coming and I asked her how much would be added for this offense. I was completely surprised by her response. She said that she would let my punishment for spilling go in return for her not having to get her punishment: waxing my legs. I wanted to discuss this. It didn’t seem reasonable to me that she would have to wax my legs if she didn’t want to in the first place. In the second, since she was in charge I didn’t understand why she would offer to cancel my punishment and cancel her own.

After a couple of minutes of discussion, she said that it’s up to her and that’s what’s happening. I wasn’t very comfortable with this, but she is the boss. Yesterday, in her post, she revealed that I annoyed her by arguing about her punishment exchange. So, I have two days of spanking and soaping added to the five I already have. She was very kind to just add two.

After my spanking on Friday night (there was no soaping or corner time), Mrs. Lion unlocked me and edged me several times. Later, before settling in for the night, I asked her if she wanted me to put my base ring on. I generally do that part of the chastity device mounting process. She replied that she did not. I asked why not? She replied, new,

“Because you are with me.”

Her message was very clear. As long as I’m under her direct supervision she sees no need to keep my penis in a chastity device. She strongly implied that when I am not under direct supervision, the device will be locked on. That’s certainly sensible. It’s also a brand-new way we are using enforced chastity. Up until now the device stayed on as long as she had no need for access to the penis. It was more for me than her. Clearly, when she is with me there is no danger I will play with myself. In fact, there’s very little danger I would play with myself any time. But that’s not the point.

The point is that the chastity device is now a tool she uses to assure that she can be comfortable that my penis remains undisturbed if she is not with me. Without trying to extend the deeper meanings of this, at any level, it means the chastity device is hers and she will use it to control me, not necessarily to feed any kink of mine.

cherry keeper basering
This is the base ring for the Cherry Keeper chastity device. Perhaps Mrs. Lion can use this to remind her that she plans to lock me up.

This is clearly lioness 3.0. Actually, both actions are 3.0. Yesterday, in her post, she announced that she added two more days to my five day sentence for annoying her about the punishment trade she made on Friday. She pointed out that my input was not required and she didn’t like me arguing with her.

On Friday night, she told me that she was not in the mood to spank me and would begin on Saturday. I expressed a little surprise. She interpreted this to mean that I wanted her to spank me anyway. Maybe I did. Her reaction was to get up and get a paddle. She told me to get into position and she spanked me. It wasn’t a very long spanking. She was hitting harder than usual, I think. She normally hits pretty hard so it’s a little difficult for me to report on changes of intensity unless she really dials it up. I am much more aware of how long I get spanked at this point.

She used the tenderizer paddle which always creates little spots of blood. Most of the spanking was with the flat side of the paddle. She did cover me at least once using the little points. When she was done, she complained about the blood on the paddle. I resisted making a smart ass remark. I didn’t want her to start spanking me again.

I see one small problem with her new use of the chastity device. She frequently forgets to put it on me. Under normal circumstances, I will often remind her. However, if this is now my “babysitter”, reminding her doesn’t feel right to me. Will she remember on her own? She certainly remembers to punish me. I don’t remind her. I suppose, now that she has a specific need for the device, she may take ownership of that too and will remember to lock me up.

She could use the base ring as a memory aid. On nights when she wants me locked up, she could have me put the base ring on immediately after any sexual activity we have. It doesn’t get in the way or bother me to wear. That would remind her to lock the cage on when she’s ready. Regardless of how she works out remembering, the way I think about her chastity device has changed for me.