Lion’s Trifecta

I found another mean paddle. I knew it was mean, but it’s one of the ones I brought up from the dungeon the other day. It’s a Hanson  bloodwood paddle with tread tape on it. I used both sides on Lion’s butt last night.

He started yelping almost immediately. 2.0 would have been afraid of his yelps. 3.0 just plods right along. I may have given him a break for one round but then I picked it up the next round. It’s supposed to hurt. And I can’t feel guilty for something he wants me to do. (I still do. Sometimes.)

Once his butt was starting to look leathery from the rough side of the paddle, I decided he’d had enough. But wait. There’s more. It was time for mouth soaping. And what kind of hideously stinky soap did we buy the other day? That’s right! Irish Spring. Since Lion is so sensitive to perfumes and dyes, I thought Irish Spring was a bad idea but he wanted it. And he got it. Lots of lather and horrible taste. And when I went to take it out of his mouth, he’d bitten down so hard it was stuck to his teeth. After he rinsed his mouth out, he could still taste it for hours. He was still tasting it this morning. Yuck!

About an hour after his spanking and mouth soaping, I unlocked him and edged him. It took a long time to get him to the edge. I was debating whether or not to give him an orgasm on the first try. I decided not to. But then, because he’d been working so hard to get to the edge, I gave him his orgasm on the second try. He was only going to wait until today anyway so it wasn’t a big deal to give it to him a day early. I have no idea how long he waited. I just picked a random day. [Lion — Yesterday was the eighth day.]

So last night was very eventful for Lion. He hit the trifecta. I’m just not sure which thing was win, which was place and which was show.