The Weekend Winds Down

Regular weekends fly by too quickly. I think a four day weekend is just right. Of course, by tomorrow morning I’ll be saying the weekend just flew by. It did. Why didn’t I do the laundry yesterday? Why didn’t I mow the lawn yesterday? Why did I wait until the last day to do everything? It’s what I do. Luckily, the laundry can chug along while I do all the other things.

One of the things I actually did was spank Lion. He said he needed it. I said I’d do it. And I did it every day but Friday. I’m planning on trying Lion’s idea of grabbing his balls while swatting him today. I have no idea if it will work. We aren’t the most graceful people in the world. All we can do is give it a shot. I’m game.

Dinner took longer to make than expected. When a recipe tells you to cook a steak for 3-6 minutes per side, don’t listen. Lion likes his steak medium rare. I like mine completely dead; no pink. It took forever to get them done. As a result, we didn’t play. I did spank him. He was a wimp, for the record. I guess he has a sore spot. Whine, whine, whine. Maybe you should request spanking every other day then. I did get him nice and pink before I gave him a break. I wasn’t really even hitting hard. Poor Lion butt.

Tomorrow, supposedly, some guys will be here to finish our deck that has been half-built since last October. The first guy walked off the job and the landlord has had a hard time finding someone to complete it. Fingers crossed. I don’t know if they’ll bother Lion but I’ll allow him to be dressed since we have huge windows on the side of the house facing the deck. Only I should have a Lion peep show.

Tonight, before we go to bed, I’ll lock Lion away in his cage again. I know he misses it. That is, until he has it on and then he’ll say he’d rather have it off. In that respect he’s like the dog. Let me out. Let me in. Let me out. Let me in. Never quite happy with the way things are. Once he gets past a day or two he’s settled in and comfy. With regular respites out for play, there’s no reason he can’t be in it for weeks at a time.

[Lion — It’s true that I have a few sore spots. Mrs. Lion did take it easy on me last night and I’m very grateful. I suppose I’ve missed being in my cage. Though it is fun to be wild.]