Working Through Difficult Times

This is a difficult time for us. It’s not that we’ve stopped enforced chastity or FLRD. We haven’t. But my health issues often get in the way. For one reason or another, both of us are having difficulty sleeping through the night. This makes us tired and not motivated during our early evening awake hours. On Tuesday night I was exhausted. I had less than three hours sleep Monday night and fell asleep almost immediately after dinner. Mrs. Lion had brought a paddle into the bedroom prepared to deliver the next installment of my punishment. That didn’t happen.

Neither of us find that terribly disturbing or important. While we are in a FLRD, we don’t make that the center of our lives. Still, Mrs. Lion works very hard to be a consistent disciplinarian. She doesn’t always succeed. However, over the years she’s learned to delay planned activities until the interference is gone.

Other couples invariably run into the same sort of issues. They work out their own solutions. Collared Michael and his Queen maintain a tally of points that translate into eventual retribution. This running tally assures they don’t lose track of necessary punishment.

Mrs. Lion isn’t fond of maintaining scorecards. She is also disinclined to ask me to do that for her. When times get tough, she just simply skips any disciplinary action I may be owed. She’s confident I’ll rack up more offenses at a later date.

This is all completely reasonable given the nature of my current punishable offenses. After all, if I’m not spanked for spilling food on my shirt or eating first once in a while, nothing bad will happen. However, in her lioness 3.0 phase, Mrs. Lion promises to enforce more important behavioral issues.

She promises to punish me for interrupting her or otherwise upsetting her. It isn’t as though I do this very often. But when it happens, she’s really bothered. We will have to find a way to give her an opportunity to express her displeasure even if circumstances aren’t very conducive to disciplinary activity.

I don’t think a point system will work for us. Even if she requires that I keep track, delayed retribution will probably not have a beneficial effect on deterring future offenses.

We’ve chosen corporal punishment because it’s something that we’ve discovered works and as a beneficial side effect, keeps me sexually energized. 3.0-type offenses are serious enough so that a firm discussion of what I’ve done is probably at least as beneficial as spanking me. So, when circumstances conspire to prevent physical punishment, Mrs. Lion can sit me down and let me know how I’ve made her unhappy. She should probably do that in addition to the physical punishment anyway.

If all this seems like endless trivia, at least for us, it’s not. We’re trying to overcome some patterns that cause ripples in the smooth pond of our relationship. If Mrs. Lion can use her position as my disciplining wife to feel that she has license to express negative feelings when I do something that upsets her, we will make very positive progress.

I realize the many people exercise FLRD as a mostly-sexual dominance/submissive practice. Based on my reading, quite a few use it to help correct behavioral problems like excessive drinking or thoughtless behavior. We fit into the second category. I think it takes a long time to establish the patterns that optimize this sort of relationship. I know Mrs. Lion is doing her best to make sure we do that.


  1. My Queen does make it my job to keep track of my number. However she will respond with more rapid and serious punishments if she is particularly ticked off.

    1. Author

      It seems reasonable that you should be responsible for keeping track. Mrs. Lion runs out of ideas if too much of a punishment backlog accumulates. I think it better for me to get the punishment as close to the infraction as possible.

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