Punishment Delayed Due to Sleeplessness

Lion has has a lot of trouble sleeping lately. Part of the problem is allergies making him itchy. I didn’t change the bed till last night. I normally change it a few days sooner.

Over the weekend, Lion didn’t feel up to running errands because he was too tired. Even Monday night, when we went to Costco, he was not very steady on his feet. We delayed going to the grocery store until last night. And at his doctor appointment yesterday, we both snoozed a bit waiting over an hour for the doctor.

Since he’s had trouble sleeping, he was napping after dinner. I took care of the dishes and was in the shower before he woke up. I had every intention of continuing his punishment last night but it didn’t make any sense to whomp him when he was groggy from sleep.

Even last night, with clean sheets, he was up during the night watching TV. This woke me up, but I don’t really know how long I was awake. To make matters worse for me, we had a boring staff meeting this morning. Snooze. I did manage to stay awake, but Lion said he was struggling working at home.

We cancelled our vacation trip next week. I need to get more hours in work and Lion suggested not going. It took me a full day to drag out of him that he has a lot of work to do too and camping takes a lot out of him right now. Fair enough. We compromised by taking only Friday, July Fifth off. Now we have a long weekend and we still get a little more time at work.

Tonight, I’d like to resume the punishment but I’ll take my cues from Lion. It makes little sense to do it if one, or both, of us aren’t in the right mindset. It’ll keep. Besides, I’m sure Lion will add more infractions the longer we wait. That’s just the way it works.

He’s also been wild since his orgasm the other night. The first night was intentional. Last night was not. I simply forgot since we didn’t do punishment or play. Again, I’ll see how Lion feels. I don’t want to add to his sleeplessness by making him worry about the cage.

At the very least, we’ll snuggle tonight. It might be lazy, legs-draped-over-each-other snuggling but we’ll be touching.

[Lion — I’m fine locked or wild. I imagine I’ll be caged before the evening is over.]