Does She Think About My Penis?

Monday’s orgasm came after a nine day wait. The orgasm before that also came after nine days. Neither of us kept track at the time. Thanks to my trusty spreadsheet, I was able to note this coincidence. I wonder if this is a new cycle for me. It’s true that after eight days I got fairly close when Mrs. Lion edged me. But I didn’t feel the urgency usual during an edging session.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter how many days I wait between orgasms. Mrs. Lion doesn’t pay attention to the count. For the most part, I don’t either. It just seemed odd that the interval jumped from four or five days to nine.

It wasn’t that Mrs. Lion was trying to extend my waiting time. After four or five days she tried valiantly to get me close. I just couldn’t do it. That’s why I thought I was broken. I’m not sure this has any significance at all, but I always get worried when I can’t get aroused beyond a certain point. I know, it’s silly to obsess about ejaculation frequency. Even if I were capable of orgasm sooner, there was certainly no guarantee Mrs. Lion would provide one.

I’m pretty sure that guys who aren’t under orgasm control don’t pay attention to orgasm spacing. I suspect they don’t get edged very much either. For them, sex, once started, generally ends in ejaculation. That’s certainly not true for me.

I think that sex is a much more frequent topic of conversation in chastity circles than it is in the vanilla world. After all, vanilla guys can just jerk off if they feel horny.

I wonder if those of us under orgasm control are generally more interested in sex. I’m pretty sure that the way I think about sex is very different from the vanilla crowd. My specific case is even different from other chastity couples. Since Mrs. Lion isn’t interested in sex for herself, all thought and talk about sex with us refers exclusively to me.

Can it be that enforced male chastity breeds a new, hornier male? Is external arousal and orgasm control a way to enhance male sexuality? Wouldn’t that be perverse if it is? I don’t think I ever thought so much about my penis as I have since it’s been locked up. Out of sight, out of mind clearly doesn’t apply.

If that’s true of me, does Mrs. Lion for her part, think more about my penis since she’s been locking it up? I wonder if she thinks about it at all? She certainly knows what to do with it. That doesn’t mean it’s a topic of interest to her.

This is an area of great mystery to me. I’ve long wondered what my lioness thinks about when it comes to providing sexual activities for me. I also wonder how she really feels about locking me in a chastity device.

Maybe I don’t want to know.

What do you think?