This is Gonna Hurt

If you read Lion’s post this morning, you saw his bloodied buns. I didn’t set out to make them bloody. He has this mixture of sensitive outer skin over an armored inner skin. This can create a bruised and bloody outside with little feeling underneath.

I’m not saying Lion didn’t feel it when I whomped him. As a mater of fact, he told me I was starting off hitting too hard. Oh? Really? Who said he was in charge of how hard I hit? Those were the options I came up with: harder swats, more swats, dessert, or a combination of any or all of those. I see harder swats on the list so I can’t be wrong if I started with hard swats. Well, I can’t be wrong anyway. I’m in charge.

What I decided, after I did hit a little less hard, was that perhaps I should start out with a series of harder swats to let him know I mean business. The swats after that are bound to feel hard whether they are or not. And I bet if you asked Lion, he wouldn’t think the later swats were any different from those first ones.

The other thing I did was to increase the amount of swats. Instead of rounds of ten, I did rounds of fifteen. Forgetting punishment day for the second Saturday in a row deserved a ramped up punishment.

When I was done, Lion asked if there would be dessert. Because I’d written it in my post, he thought there should be some. See above. I made a list of ideas. I never said they would all happen. I just happened to choose harder swats and more of them. Relax, Lion. You’ve got more punishment coming tonight. Who knows what I’ll do? Not me. Not yet.

A while after his beating, I unlocked him and attempted to edge him. If you remember, he said he was broken the other night. One night of not being able to reach the edge after two nights of getting to the edge and he thought he was broken. Not true. I got him there at least three times. And then I let him go over the edge. Again, he pessimistically said he didn’t produce any semen. Maybe he didn’t see it because I’d already eaten it. So I squeezed him like a tube of toothpaste and got some more. Yum!