Peeling The Chastity Onion

onionhalfOver the years, I’ve expressed a lot of thoughts about male chastity. It’s not a simple subject. There is the obvious external manifestation: a chastity device locked on the penis. There’s a great deal more to it than that.

First off, virtually every male who wears one asked his partner to lock him up. There are a lot of men who don’t have partners who lock themselves up. Of the men who have keyholders, a very large number retain the keys and lock and unlock themselves generally at the direction of their partner. Some like me, are locked up by our partners who retain the keys and assure they are inaccessible to us.

Even after all these years, I’m still not entirely sure why I think it’s exciting to have my penis kept locked out of my reach. The idea is still a turn on. Beyond my love of bondage, there’s a lot more going on. It’s like an onion; peel one layer back and there’s another underneath. On the surface is my love of bondage. Just below that is my desire for Mrs. Lion to control all of my sexual pleasure.

This layer is very powerful. Of course, it relates strongly the first layer. The bondage facilitates her control and makes it impossible for me to pleasure myself. After all, that’s the whole point of bondage: to lose control and give it to the person who got you tied up.

Under that layer is something more primal. At least in my case, it’s making my penis something I can only use to urinate. Even when I do that, I still can’t touch it. The chastity device is preventing me from having any contact with that part of my body. This goes much further than sex. In a way, it puts my penis on a par with my foot. I don’t idly touch my feet, or even think about them unless they hurt. When I’m wild, not wearing a chastity device, my hand wanders between my legs occasionally. I don’t generally try to get aroused, but I like touching my penis.

I think that almost all men do. From our earliest time as infants, we find it fun and comforting to touch our penises. Sometimes we do it to “adjust” ourselves to make things fit more comfortably inside our pants. Other times, it’s just because it’s something we like to do; maybe a nervous habit. I can still reach down, but all I find is a cage keeping my penis out of reach. I find that I lose interest in anything but “comfort” adjustments within a few days of being locked up.

I don’t think most women have equivalent behaviors. As a result, many don’t realize how many of us males frequently touch our penises. If they did, more men might end up wearing chastity devices.

The next layer down for me is masturbation. Until we started enforced male chastity, I considered masturbating a completely acceptable way to get rid of sexual tension. From the time I was 11 I’ve done it several times a week. Mrs. Lion had no idea that I jerked off. When she found out, she made it very clear that I was to stop at once. She told me this the same night I was locked in a male chastity device for the first time.

The device made it impossible for me to masturbate. It silently enforced her rule. I’m not sure that in the beginning I wouldn’t have cheated now and then if I wasn’t locked in. I couldn’t. The only times I was allowed to be uncaged was when she let me do some extra cleaning in the shower. It never occurred to me to take advantage of those brief opportunities to get myself off.

I’m not sure when things changed but at some point I simply stopped wanting to masturbate. I guess it’s like quitting smoking; at some point you stop wanting a cigarette. In the same sense, I stopped wanting to get myself off. The last time I masturbated was nearly 6 years ago on the night she locked me up. Mrs. Lion wanted me to jerk off so she could see how I did it. When I finished and cleaned up, the chastity device when on and I’ve never gotten myself off since.

Below the masturbation layer is the erection layer. The chastity device doesn’t allow my penis to grow when aroused. I can start trying to get erect, but the cage won’t let my penis grow. When this happens, it’s not a bad feeling; it’s not a good one either. I’ve noticed that over time I tried to get erect less and less. I still get those morning wood attempts, but that’s about it. My body saves erections for when Mrs. Lion unlocks me.

I’m sure there are even deeper, more emotional layers in this onion. I’m not consciously in touch with them yet. After all these years, when she allows me to run wild — not wear a chastity device — I have no interest in masturbating. However, I pick up my old habit of touching at odd times and I enjoy full erections. I have no idea if it matters to Mrs. Lion that I am able to take these liberties when wild. She hasn’t given me any direction on the subject. For the record, I never sexually stimulate myself in the shower. I never did it in my pre-chastity days and I don’t do it now. Oddly, when Mrs. Lion washes me in the shower I quickly get hard and enjoy the stimulation she gives me.

Go figure.


  1. You have no interest in masturbating? I struggle after four days of being free to remain in control without the cage. I can do it but it requires focus.

    1. Author

      After almost 6 years of enforced chastity I’ve actually lost interest in jerking off. I’m pretty sure almost anyone would have a similar reaction.

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