Long-Haired Hippy

waxed manzillion
Here is Lion after his manzillion.
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When Lion first got the Cherry Keeper, I didn’t like it. I had trouble getting in on and then getting it locked. It did seem to keep him centered well, which is good for his peeing needs. Over the course of a few days, it got easier to lock him up. But Lion wasn’t happy with the fit. He ordered a custom one.

This newer one is a bigger pain to get on. He has to be lubed first and then poked and jammed into it. I’m always afraid I’m going to pinch him in any cage so I don’t really like manhandling him. Last week I cut my fingernails short again so last night I decided I had less of a chance of scratching him and if he gets pinched or scratched then it’s his own fault because he told me to do it. Maybe I’ve turned a corner here. If Lion asked me to do something, then I don’t care how much it hurts him. (That may be Lioness 3.0 talking.) [Lion — Sounds like it to me.]

I didn’t spank Lion at all yesterday. We were busy with things and by the time I remembered it was late. And around 11 Lion said, “Uh oh.” I thought he was talking about whatever we were watching on TV and it didn’t seem like an uh oh moment. He said he forgot to tell me it was punishment day. Too late! I think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of all his infractions. I guess I’ll just have to start whomping and finish in a few weeks when I think he’s done. Of course, by then he’ll have added to the list.

One of the things we did yesterday is waxing. It’s not my favorite task in the world but Lion said the fur was long. It’s funny how little I notice it. Even when we’re playing, I can tell it’s long but I couldn’t tell you how long. When he was under the bright lights ready to be waxed, I could see it was more than a half inch. That’s a lot for Lion. He doesn’t even like stubble. I gave him his manzilian. This is the most I used to do. It’s actually a little more than a manzilian. I wax his upper thighs and tummy just above the belly button. It keeps hair out of the way for play. Once I started waxing him, he decided he likes the bald Lion look so I started doing everything but his head and arms. For now, the modified manzilian is all he’s getting. I have other chores to do today.

I’m sure Lion thinks he got a blow job because I waxed him. Not true. I just felt like giving him one. Well, it wasn’t supposed to be a full blow job. And, as it turned out, it wasn’t even an edging. Lion got stuck again. I guess he really needs those swats to keep him going. Never fear. We can do some tonight.


  1. I’m so impressed by your waxing job. When I caged my guy (3 months ago) he decided he needed to be waxed in the pertinent region. I fully understand the reasoning behind it but cringed at the thought. We have made 3 attempts at waxing and I wish I could say I am improving but I’m not. We too have watched tutorials and still I lack the knack. Any advice for a new keyholder?

  2. Author

    All I can say is keep trying. Sometimes I have to go over the same area several times to get those pesky hairs. I find no-strip wax easier than strip wax. Not sure if that helps. This video teaches all you need.. https://youtu.be/RXUIZgkkNbA

  3. I shave every day. I sometimes think about laser hair removal but haven’t gone that route yet

    1. I did a full laser treatment for cock and balls. Very little hair remains. It makes Mrs Lion’s job easier there.

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