Backlog of Swats

Lion’s tummy was bothering him after dinner last night. I was waiting for it to calm down so I could whomp him and then we were watching television. About 10 he asked if I wanted to snuggle. I took this as an opportunity to unlock him and play before we actually snuggled.

A month or so ago, he said maybe we could try playing before snuggling. I guess it was a sort of lioness-takes-charge thought. Unfortunately, Lion wasn’t really in the mood to get very far. Maybe it was his tummy. Maybe it was the late hour. In any case, we wound up snuggling anyway.

We both know I owe him a lot of swats. A lot. I think he’s still got two food spills and a forgotten punishment day on the books. He can’t really afford to make any more mistakes before those are taken care of. One could argue that I should have punished him even though he didn’t feel well. I’ve always taken the position that we don’t have to play if either of us is under the weather. Punishment should be that way too. It’s not like he didn’t feel like being swatted. He wasn’t being obstinate. I would have swatted him if he was. I would have added another punishment to the list too.

We’ll try again tonight. No harm, no foul. Those swats aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be waiting when he’s ready.