Stubborn Lion Hide

After I wrote my post yesterday, I put some paddles on the bed to remind myself I had some whomping to do. We didn’t eat breakfast until noon and I was doing laundry. It must have been somewhere around 4:30 that I finally got around to doing swats.

I continued with my groupings of ten swats at a time. I could easily do fifteen or twenty. If I’m keeping track, it’s just easier with ten than fifteen. I think it’s easier for Lion too. I start out taking a rest in between cheeks, but once I get him warmed up I do both cheeks quickly. And I’ve continued with the slower swats at the end. They may be slower but the also tend to be harder.

I don’t know how many swats I gave him in that session, but about five hours later he got more. I used a different paddle. That one had the tenderizer nubs on one side. It’s also a wider paddle so I did some swats right in the middle. I killed two cheeks with one stone. I don’t know if that felt better or worse for him but I figured it focused the swats on his sit spot. Again, I wasn’t keeping track of the number of swats. I just wanted to get a nice rosy color on his buns.

I didn’t even use the tenderizer side of the paddle for more than twenty swats per cheek. He already had some blood coming up because his allergies are making him scratch. I didn’t want to make it any worse.

At this point, I’ve lost track of how many punishments he’s due. I guess it really doesn’t matter. I could whomp him every day for a week. I’m sure he’ll keep making mistakes to earn more swats. Plus, I’ve given him some days off along the way and I’m sure I will here and there going forward.

Lion has reported some sore spot on his buns. I know you’re not supposed to hit already bruised areas, but have you met Lion? I’d have to hit him with a lead pipe to really do damage. Stubborn ol’ lion hide.