Just One Activity A Day?

We’ve been taking it easy. Saturday night, Mrs. Lion masturbated me for a while. That persistent sore was uncomfortable and she wasn’t getting very much out of me. This is getting quite frustrating. I’m still owed a punishment. I assume that it won’t be long before sitting down will be a little uncomfortable.

It’s been difficult getting to sleep. Our trailer bed is very different than the one we have at home. I think the combination of poor sleep and general fatigue is making things tough for us. Neither of us seems very inspired.

Today, Sunday, were going to drive to Portland Oregon which is about two hours away. We like these little adventures and we invariably find new things each time we go out. I hope that our enthusiasm will grow by the time we get back this evening. I’m not sure what I can do to get things started.

Last night, we stayed very close and I got a chance to spend some time touching and stroking Mrs. Lion’s upper thigh. I like that a lot and I asked her she liked it and she said yes, but not in a sexual way. Still, it’s really great to be close.

We still haven’t figured out how to add play and sex to our vacation mix. Once we go off on an adventure, by the time we get home Mrs. Lion is tired from all that driving. She’s not in the mood for any disciplinary or sexual activity. As she pointed out, trying to do things earlier just adds stress when she gets home after driving lots of miles. Maybe we should try this stuff before we head out. That could work.

Otherwise, essentially the choice is spend the day in the camper and play or go out and forgo sex. I suppose this is an expected consequence when all the sexual stuff is one way. Anything relating to sex is for my benefit alone. Clearly, if we both got something out of it, there would be more enthusiasm on Mrs. Lion’s part. As it is, this is purely my problem.

I don’t have a solution available to me. Truthfully, all I have to do if we stay in the trailer, is watch TV. We have a satellite dish on the camper and I can see the same stuff I would see if I were staying home. There’s nothing for me to do around the campground. It’s a very pretty place with no real activities.

This dilemma isn’t new. It comes up as home as well. Generally, it’s a trade-off between getting things done or play for me. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this.

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