To Lock or Not To Lock

lion's penis in double cock ring
Lion’s locking cock ring. I meant to get it on him last night, but with all the other things we had to do, I forgot to put it on him.
(Click image to see a full NSFW view of it)

I didn’t have much luck getting Lion excited last night. It was late and I was tired. I’m sure he was too. We had some errands to run after I got home from work and then we had dinner at Panera. I still have too many things to do to get ready for our trip so when I finally snuggled in with Lion it was 9:30.

Lion reminded me, in the midst of my chores, that I owed him a spanking. Oops. I would have forgotten. I made sure to give him harder swats and more of them. I think I was a few swats short of drawing blood. He had the tell tale spots forming on his right cheek. When we snuggled he said his buns were still warm.

I was going to lock Lion in the locking cock ring, but by the time I was done with the dog’s ice cream and letting her out, I was feeling a little out of it. I was probably just tired, but I forgot all about the ring. As a result, Lion is still wild. I’m not really sure how much the locking cock ring does for him in terms of feeling my control. It’s true he has something locked on him but it’s not the same as the Jail Bird keeping him from getting hard.

It probably doesn’t make too much sense to lock Lion away now anyway. We have a few days before we leave and being locked up causes more trouble than it’s worth when we’re camping. When we get back, I’ll lock him in something. I don’t know if it will be the locking cock ring, the Jail Bird or the new Chinese cage. I just know Lion needs something to make him feel all warm and fuzzy.

Until he has to pee, that is.

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