Credit Card Jail Bird

Lion had two little (approximately five inches) round rosy spots on his tushy after the first installment of multiple punishments. He was squirmy and yelping while I was swatting but said the effect wore off shortly afterwards. Either I didn’t hit hard enough or 200-ish swats are not enough to leave a lasting impression. Of course, Lion’s hide is notoriously difficult to harm.

[Lion — Much as I hate to say this, I think harder swats and more of them would make a stronger and more lasting impression on my bottom. I’m not claiming last night’s spanking didn’t hurt. It did. But it was considerably gentler than Mrs. Lion’s experiments.]

This, of course, is a sort of experiment. I have no idea if Lion will respond more favorably to multiple days of punishment. Furthermore, should today’s punishment still be spanking? Would a mouth soaping be an alternative? Or corner time? Those last two have been used as “dessert” but can they effectively be used on their own?

So I had an idea for a new rule percolating in my head yesterday but I couldn’t remember what it was until this morning. As you’ve probably read, Lion bought a new cage. I’m expected to lock him in it when it arrives. And that brings me to the rule. I’d like him to talk to me before buying things he wants me to use. This can also head off any issues of having four paddles that are sort of what I’m looking for but not actually it. Obviously, if it’s a gift or a surprise then he shouldn’t have to discuss it. But did we really need two Fleshlights that don’t really work the way I’d hoped? For someone who is advocating for downsizing, Lion still buys a lot of stuff.

Lion and I will discuss this new rule to see if it is viable. I don’t want to cut him off from every purchase but he gets a little fast and loose with toys and cages sometimes. Maybe I need to lock his credit card in a cage so he can’t play with it.


  1. Good morning, I’m glad Lion is improving his health problems. The same thing happens to me, buying sex toys excites me and then many disappoint me. regards

    1. I think this is a common issue with bottoms. It’s also not a bad idea for me to consult with Mrs. Lion before spending money on a toy I expect her to use.

  2. Yes, I also get a little too excited reading about toys and buy them. My wife thinks that we can have a perfectly good time without spending money on toys.
    I keep telling her that I need her to control me and train me, but she does not.

    1. Let’s face it. It’s fun buying new toys and imagining them being used on us. When I was a top, every single bottom I had did the toy buying. I think it’s irresistible. However, unless I want to risk multiple days of spankings I’m going to check in with Mrs. Lion before buying anything new.

    2. She’s the boss, after all. I know exactly how you feel. The truth is that Mrs. Lion can do a perfectly good job training me with nothing more than a single paddle. I’m the one who likes the new toys.

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