Anonymous Lion

So the silent treatment is scarier than I thought. Lion doesn’t think he could handle it. Truthfully, I’m not sure I could either. I mean, I could probably do it for a few hours, but not for any length of time. I think if I was ever in the position to do it, I’d probably just leave the house entirely for a while. That alone would be bad enough. And neither of us can imagine a situation that I’d be so mad at him that I’d do either of those things.

The other thing I wanted to touch on was Lion’s posts about the way we met. I’ll just add that for the first few weeks or maybe even months, we didn’t know each other’s name. It really was anonymous sex. We communicated through the dating website and later emails. I think we even exchanged cell phone numbers before we exchanged names. I may be completely wrong about the timing of this, but I know it was definitely a while before we knew the other’s name.

[Lion — We knew each other’s first names after several weeks. I don’t think I knew Mrs. Lion’s last name for a long time. It wasn’t that we wanted to be anonymous; at least I didn’t. It just wasn’t important. We had each other’s email addresses and cell phone numbers. That was plenty to maintain contact.]

Last night I attempted to get Lion aroused. It was starting to work and I think I hit his sore spot. He cringed and said maybe we need to wait another day. I don’t want to hurt him unless I mean to, so we’ll wait as long as he needs to wait. I’d much rather have a happy weenie than a sore one. It seems to me the last time he had a sore spot, he tried to blame it on me and my Velcro. I haven’t used Velcro since then so this is definitely not on me.

About a week ago Lion got a small vibrator free from Extreme Restraints. Apparently they had an issue with an email they sent out and decided to compensate with a vibrator. I decided to try it last night before the sore spot derailed us. Even on its highest setting, Lion couldn’t really feel it. I think it might work as a butt plug stimulator. If I put the nJoy plug in and then vibrate it, he might feel it. We’ll have to remember the next time we do anal play.