I Finally Got Over The Top

At last! I finally got over the top and ejaculated. Mrs. Lion had to work very hard to get me there. Last night, she gave me oral sex and I found myself climbing closer and closer to the peak. Unlike every prior night, I made it all the way over the top. She kindly allowed this to happen. After 13 days it felt very good to finally have an orgasm.

It really wasn’t the wait that bothered me. Yes, 13 days is a long time for us, but it isn’t terrible. The real issue was the fact that no matter how hard she tried he couldn’t get me excited enough to ejaculate. I truly felt broken. I have no idea why this became such a difficult thing for me.

The orgasm itself wasn’t one of the best I’ve ever had. It was a little uncomfortable when it started almost stinging a bit. However, that sensation disappeared and ecstasy replaced it. I wish I could understand exactly why my body is doing this.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion continued waxing me. I went downstairs to our dungeon/gym/waxing studio. It was the first time I went to the basement since surgery in mid-March. I was a little wobbly getting down the stairs, and a lot more wobbly going back up. But I made it. Mrs. Lion made a point of keeping me aroused during much of the waxing. She discovered that under the bright lights in our studio, a lot of pubic hair was missed when she waxed me in our bedroom last week. She redid that, did my butt and my inner thighs. Today she plans to continue the process and will probably wax either my legs or chest.

Could it be that the physical attention from the waxing helped excite me enough to ejaculate? It’s hard to deny that I enjoyed the attention. Mrs. Lion also gave me my blow job earlier in the evening than she usually does. That was helpful for me. As the evening wears on I tend to not off in front of the TV. While it’s kind of fun to watch, I don’t find the shows all that gripping.

It’s kind of funny to consider that waxing my body is a sort of foreplay. Maybe it is. I definitely like the way I look and feel now. I also feel much more relaxed since I’ve finally been able to get over the hill and have an orgasm. Thank you Mrs. Lion!