Still No Orgasm

Yesterday,I went back to the ophthalmologist. My good eye, the right one, has been responding excellently to the medication. Unfortunately I have an infection in that eye probably caused by one of my contacts ripping. The other eye isn’t doing as well and will require surgery. It’s tentatively scheduled for next Thursday.

I managed to walk through the hospital over some fairly good distances. Mrs. Lion tells me that I wasn’t very wobbly. This is good progress.

I wish I could report progress on the sexual front. With the help of my boner pills I achieved a nice erection. Mrs. Lion tried valiantly to get me to the edge. I got very excited but still sat on that annoying plateau. I was quite discouraged. She vowed to keep trying.

We even tried the new Fleshlight. I couldn’t feel any of the texture inside of it. Mrs. Lion used a new lube that I received as a sample for review. It was very gel-like and its thick consistency may have masked the sensations inside. Alternatively, I just may not have been sensitive enough to feel them.

Mrs. Lion left me wild when we went to sleep. I suppose there’s no real reason for me to be in a cage if I’m so sexually dysfunctional. I’ve gone through slumps in the past. I don’t recall them being quite this prolonged or depressing. I suspect this particular slump is due to me being depressed by my physical limitations.

I really should be feeling cheered up. My good I has normal pressure and no further deterioration of the optic nerve. There is every reason to believe that I will continue to have good vision with it. I do feel better about that. But I still don’t feel very good about everything else.

Mrs. Lion plans on waxing me this afternoon. Normally, she’ll do half my body one day and the other half the next. I don’t know which side of me she’ll attack today. We do have a head start on it since she waxed my genitals and butt crack last week. She was concerned about my ability to get down to our basement dungeon where we keep the waxing equipment. I think she’s more confident that I can do it after yesterday’s successful outing.

I really need things to get back to normal. Or, I need to get used to a new, lower level of normal. I’m really lucky that my lioness takes such good care of me. I just worry she’ll get tired of the extra work.

Well, let’s see what happens the rest of today and tonight. Perhaps I’ll have a much more cheerful report for you tomorrow.