It’s Me. It’s Definitely Not Lion.

There was a scheduling snafu with Lion’s post-op appointment. We rescheduled for Monday afternoon. The ophthalmology appointment provided interesting news. His right eye pressure is holding steady. This is odd since Lion feels like he’s losing vision. However, he has a corneal ulcer so now he’s on antibiotics. His contact tore a little over a week ago and we think that’s the culprit. Unfortunately, he’ll need surgery to bring down the pressure in the left eye.

The surgery sounds like a minor procedure. It could take as little as a few minutes. They numb the eye, do their magic and it’s done. Lion will have an eye patch for a day or so and we’ve already decided he’ll be Pirate Lion. There’s some chance it will bring back vision to the left eye but the doctor doesn’t want to stick his neck out.

On the plus side, Lion walked all the way through the hospital. It’s certainly his longest walk since the surgery. He was a tiny bit wobbly from time to time, but he made it. And he didn’t seem all that tired afterward. Of course, he walked quite a ways and rested, walked more and rested, etc. But still, the walk from the car to the appointments was fairly long. Multiple buildings strung together and every department is in a different building on different floors. I almost need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to find my way around when I visited Lion.

Today is waxing day. Lion has mentioned it at least three times today. He says I never acknowledged him the first two times. It’s true. I was too busy rolling my eyes. Whoopie! Another thing I “get” to do. Last night he told me I could use the new Flesh Light when oral stimulation wasn’t working. Can I? Can I please?

I’m being sarcastic because, to me, it sounds like he’s allowing me to do something I’ve been waiting my whole life to do. Remember the game Mother, May I? Except our game is called Lion, May I? Sorry. I just think the whole doing-things-for-Lion is finally getting to me. Maybe it got to me a while ago but I’ve been too stubborn to admit it. Or maybe it’s just gotten to me more since I’ve been back to work and have less “me” time.

Ordinarily, we share chores around here. With Lion unable to do many things, it falls to me. I don’t mind doing them. Okay. I mind a little, but these things need to be done. When Lion presents things like waxing and “administering” to him as things I get to do, I guess it jumps up and down on a nerve. I feel like I should bow and say, “Oh, thank you, my liege. Thank you.” And that’s not really fair. He’s absolutely not saying it that way. It’s me. It’s the way I’m hearing it.

No, Lion, I’m not suggesting I stop doing things for you and to you. I’m not giving up. But I do need to figure out a way to not hear things the way I’ve been hearing them lately.

[Lion — I really shouldn’t have asked her to use the toy. Obviously, I’m being way too demanding. I also shouldn’t have discussed waxing me. I am enough trouble without the extras.]

[Mrs. Lion — Disagree. It’s me.]