Not on the Edge

Our excitement about edging was short lived. This time I think I let Lion down. I’m pretty sure I did something I shouldn’t have or didn’t do something I should have. We were well on our way and then we weren’t.

I still don’t think Lion is broken even though he’s sure he is. I think he’s got too much on his mind. I think when everything is quiet and I’m yanking on him, his mind wanders off to other things. Thinking about the fact that he might not make it to the edge is one sure fire way to guarantee he won’t make it to the edge. I don’t know how he can clear his mind and just let the action happen.

We took a shower last night. Lion reminded me to unlock him first. I gave my weenie extra attention. The only thing I can think of is that I used the Magic Wand. Maybe I should have just stuck to my hands. I don’t know why the Magic Wand would have caused a problem, but it might have.

I guess we’ll see what happens tonight. Maybe he’s on an every-other-night schedule. The next time we get to the edge I’ll definitely give him an orgasm. Not that I don’t think he’ll consistently get to the edge ever again. I just think he’s due for an orgasm.

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  1. If it was me, I would be a little worried too but overall I think the Lion is doing OK. He’s had a major operation with some severe side effects. It seems completely reasonable that his system is performing intermittently.

    Given that it has come up and performed at times, it’s probable that no permanent harm has been done and that greater consistency of response will occur with time. While it might take some time yet to reach full performance he’s clearly not broken.

    If he was broken, he would not have had any sessions where he responded well.

    While he’s reported good improvement in his overall health, he’s not the full Lion there yet, so why should he be the full Lion in the bedroom?

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