Rule Breaker

I failed to mention that the other night, when we went out to dinner, Lion spilled something on his shirt. I suspended the rules during his recovery period but I resumed them a few weeks ago. Lion tried to follow them while he was under no obligation to do so and he did a pretty good job. Obviously, I wasn’t going to whomp him for spilling food when he was barely able to feed himself. And since I reinstated the rules he hasn’t really done anything to warrant a punishment. Until Wednesday night.

I can pretty much always count on Lion to make a mess when he eats. He tries very hard, but his food has a mind of its own. I swear it jumps off the fork onto his shirt all by itself. Any time we have chips and salsa, the salsa spends more time on his shirt than on the chips. This time it was either his soup or salad dressing that got him. Splot! Right on his shirt. Poor Lion.

When we got home, I got the key out of the lock box and grabbed the wooden spoon. After I unlocked him and he got the cock ring off, I told him to roll over. The wooden spoon was the first thing I saw and, although it can be mean when applied forcefully to one spot, I figured it was a good thing to start off with as his first spanking after the rules were back. Actually, the wooden spoon was always my go-to when I wanted to give Lion a bruise. Its small head concentrates a lot of power. I’ve since learned I can give him bruises with a variety of paddles.

I started off with ten swats and a rest, ten more swats and another rest, and so on. He got a little wiggly from time to time but I don’t think it was anything he couldn’t handle. He’s taken so much more, although that’s been after a long practice. I told him his butt was almost virgin again. He wound up with two round reddish marks on his buns. I bet he didn’t feel it for long, but we’re now back to punishment.

I just realized he didn’t thank me for swatting him. I guess he needs another spanking as a reminder. He may be sorry he asked for punishment to resume.


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    And you read us because…..?

  2. I suggest everyone just “Live and let Live”

  3. There are always haters. I think it comes with the territory. Usually I just delete them.

    1. I generally delete them too. Though recently I figured that negative comments are useful too. After all, they read this blog as well. In the movie, “Private Parts”, a Biopic about Howard Stern, there was a line about ratings that is very appropriate here. They interviewed people who listen to the show but hated it. It turned out they listened longer than the people like the show. When asked why they listened even though they hate the broadcast, they replied, “I want to see what happens next.” I think the same is true here.

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