A number of people on the chastity forum have been writing about ejaculating while locked in a chastity device. It’s been a while since I’ve heard people talk about this. In the 90’s, when I was reviewing chastity devices, the owner of Access Denied who made full chastity belts told me about an extreme case.

One of his customers locked himself up intending to permanently stay in the belt. He got very frustrated and desperately looked for ways to get off. Finally, after some time he managed to be able to ejaculate by playing with his nipples. He went back to Access Denied and asked for a stainless steel bra to keep his hands away from this new source of orgasm.

Most women know that they have multiple erogenous areas capable of producing orgasm. A good number can come during anal intercourse. Others have been known to have nipple-induced orgasms. I had one lover who could reliably get off by being spanked.

Most guys, me included, never felt the need to explore alternate paths to ejaculation. I’ve felt the Magic Wand against my cage. It felt good, but not good enough to get me off. Other guys find the Magic Wand a reliable in-cage orgasm producer.

In case you didn’t know, an erection is not required for ejaculation. Over the years there have been occasions when I masturbated and was unable to get hard yet I still eventually ejaculated.

I’m a little surprised that some guys feel dedicated enough to defeating their chastity devices that they will find a way to ejaculate inside them. I know that some keyholders have induced in-cage ejaculations just for the fun of it.

Some people think that because the motivation for wearing a chastity device is to experience sexual control, that they need to find ways to defeat it as a way of testing the control. Defeating chastity devices is a time-honored hobby. I’ve always thought it was distinctly different from the kind of enforced chastity I experience.

Given enough time it’s pretty easy to learn how to ejaculate inside a chastity device. There is no fixed formula in terms of penis stimulation needed for that orgasm. Men with spinal cord injuries who can’t achieve erection can ejaculate given the right kind of stimulation. There are devices that provide electro-stim that can produce orgasms. Erections are completely beside the point. If you are inclined to try non-contact ejaculation, there is a wide range of electro-stim devices that with practice, will get you off.

This sort of activity is outside of my chastity experience. I suppose that if Mrs. Lion wanted to unlock me and play with electro-stim or other alternate sexual stimulation techniques that would be fine. I’m not willing to do anything to defeat her control of my orgasms.

For me at least, enforced chastity is about being trained to surrender sexual pleasure to my lioness regardless of how long she wishes to deny me. I just don’t want my experience to be like a prisoner of war, where I am obligated to do everything I can to escape. Sure, there are times I wish I could get myself off. It’s not always easy to be under someone else’s control.

I’m not suggesting that my way is the One True Way. If a couple wants to do something different there is nothing wrong with that. Certainly, the tradition of attempting escape or orgasm while locked is probably older than the power exchange we practice.

Obviously, it’s not “normal” to ejaculate with the flaccid penis. The only way most of us could experience that would be getting off while locked in a chastity device. Almost everyone who has tried this reports that the resulting orgasm was not particularly satisfying.

This topic fits into the “chastity device security” category. It’s a twist on getting the penis to escape. In this case, the penis stays safely locked up but it’s owner gets an orgasm and ejaculates anyway. If it’s important to prevent this, a full chastity belt is required. Most are built so that even the mighty Magic Wand will be unable to penetrate with its sexy vibrations.


  1. You’re right Mr. Lion,

    It’s possible, but doesn’t make any sense to do that!
    If you (me also) wanted to be locked up by your wife then you shouldn’t kick the “work” (tease) of your wife with your feet!

    It’s stupid to do that cause she will know it, because she knows how you act after orgasm!

    Would like to know how much percent of that people doing that are in a relationship with a keyholder?!

    1. Author

      As far as I can tell, pretty much everyone who’s commented about orgasm inside the cage is in a relationship with a keyholder. In the past, there were a great number of guys who enjoyed the hobby of defeating chastity devices. I’m sure some of them are around now. If there is no keyholder, it seems to me this is a reasonably harmless hobby.

  2. Since my Queen has had ‘her’ cock caged in 2013, She has managed to bring (tease) me to orgasm twice while the cage (steel framed) was in place. This was about 4 or 5 years ago. This was possible because She was able to penetrate the frame with her fingers and nails and thus massage ‘her’ cock. i have never been able to replicate this myself (and ‘quite right too’ I hear you all say). robert

    1. Author

      For some reason, the sensitive spots on my penis are just not available when I’m caged. Mrs. Lion can’t even get me to try to get hard when I’m locked up.

    2. Well, that is a difference in your case if she did it! That’s OK!
      It’s just, I wouldn’t do it with anything that “belongs” to her without permission 😉

      1. Author

        As as far as I’m concerned, even if Mrs. Lion tried to get me off inside the chastity device, it would create a possibility in my mind that I don’t think would be good for me. The chastity device is supposed to prevent me from experiencing sexual pleasure. I think that is is much stronger message if I never get sexual pleasure while wearing it.

  3. Hi, thank you for your blog. For me, I like to orgasm inside of chastity cages. I like the feeling of being constricted and unable to directly touch myself – for some reason, the pleasure is often greater locked up than out, available and hard.

    I don’t have a keyholder, so for me this is just masturbation.

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