Magic Wand For the Win

I don’t know why but I decided to use the Magic Wand on Lion last night. He usually suggests it when he thinks he’s taking too long and needs more help. I guess I just eliminated his suggestion.

I’m sure I knew there were more settings. Obviously there’s on and off. There’s a speed adjustment. I guess it’s more intensity than speed. And there’s another button that controls different patterns. Think of revving your car engine. There’s a difference between vrooooom and vroom-vroom-vroom-vroom. So I ran through the different patterns to see if Lion would like any of them. While he didn’t necessarily like any of them better than the original on the second intensity, I think they went a long way to getting him ready for the big show.

It hasn’t taken much for Lion to get excited and he stays excited for a very long time. He just hasn’t been able to get any further lately. I think it’s been less than a week since he hasn’t been able to make it to the edge, but I’m sure it’s seemed like an eternity to him. He thought he was broken again. Not so. Those Magic Wand patterns were truly magic.

I’m not sure how long we played. Sometimes I keep track. It never really seems important to me how long we play, as long as I get Lion to the edge or give him an orgasm. I bet it was one of our longer sessions, if you eliminate the ones where I never got him to the edge. It wasn’t until I switched back to our usual pattern that he really got excited. But I can’t discount all the vibrations before that. He may like the steady vroom, but the others helped a lot.

Once I had his hips bucking and I heard his little whimper, I knew I had him. I may have only edged him three times before bringing him over the top, but he was enjoying every second of it. I don’t know if he’ll be horny again tonight but I’ve promised to use his new toy on him tomorrow. And another shower with a soaped-up weenie might hasten his horniness.