I know Lion doesn’t mean to annoy me. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. He certainly wouldn’t annoy me on purpose just to get punished. But that’s exactly where we’re headed. He’s said he thinks a spanking and being locked up again would go a long way to getting him back on track. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking he’s trying to hasten that punishment along. But he wouldn’t. We had a discussion the other night that it would be a maintenance spanking. It didn’t have to be punishment. And didn’t I wonder why we need to put so much attention on his being stuck? Why is he poking the bear?

The other day we got the second Flesh Light. This one has nubs on the inside that are supposed to create a different feeling. It doesn’t feel any different to me but, as Lion said, I don’t have a penis to shove in there to feel the difference. Yesterday we got a Flesh Light warmer. It looks like a boot warmer in a much smaller scale. And we got some Flesh Light dryer stuff. Yes, Lion has gone all out with the Flesh Light like he does with most toys.

I took Friday night off from playing with Lion. I needed it. Since going back to work part time, I’ve been getting grief from work about all the things that didn’t get done while I was home with Lion even though I asked if I could work from home because I knew things would pile up. Their response was to get me a helper whom I had to train in two weeks and couldn’t do everything I could have done if I was able to work from home. Can you tell I’m still pissed about that? Anyway, working part time and not getting enough done at work and then coming home to do almost everything here and, with Lion stuck and wanting extra attention, it started to get to me. So I took a night off.

Last night I thought I’d change things up a little and use some lube on my weenie. Maybe that would be just the thing a stuck Lion would need. I tried to start slow. My thinking was that perhaps I’d been starting too fast, getting Lion excited too fast and never letting his libido catch up to the party. If that makes sense. I lubed my hands and started at the tip. I know his favorite spot and I was just saying hello. No pressure. Just hello. And I did some long slow strokes. Again, just saying hello. And eventually I went a little faster. I envision it feeling like a vagina when I’m using lube. Slippery and I can use my whole hand because there’s less friction. And we got to a point that it was clear we weren’t getting any further. Damn.

As I was standing up, Lion said we hadn’t used his new toy yet. Yet? I said we just got it the other day and we didn’t do anything Friday night. Exactly when were we supposed to use it? What’s the rush? (And this is where my annoyance comes in.) I know it’s in the forefront of his mind, but it’s not in mine. He may be the center of my world but he’s not all I have to think about. I’m wondering if the headache I’ve been having off and on is sinus-related because it’s been rainy lately or is it tension because of work. I’m wondering if I should increase my hours at work because I need the money or if Lion still needs me more of the time. And, yes, I’m wondering if I’m not helping him enough to get unstuck. All the time I’m playing with him, I’m listening to see if the sounds he’s making are happy sounds and maybe I’m onto something. And I’m wondering if he’s worried if I stop tonight, will I ever start again or am I tired of trying to get him unstuck?

So why is he telling me we haven’t tried his new toy yet? There’s this itty, bitty line and he’s dancing very close to it. I think his right foot may have been over it once or twice. I’ve been thinking maybe I’m too sensitive right now with everything going on. It’s possible that Lion is too sensitive, too. I don’t think he’s been paying attention to where that line is. To help him out, I’ll stand on the other side of it with my paddle ready to catch him the next time he wanders over it.


  1. A warmer? I use a sink of warm water but I’m intrigued

    1. Fleshlight makes an electric warmer for $29.99. Seems easier for me.you can leave it in its case.

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