He Never Knows

I “cured” Lion last night. I got him to the edge. Again and again. He was so close he was almost sweating. I don’t know if he thought he was going to have an orgasm or not. I’ve tried to keep him guessing. Since we abolished his scheduled orgasms, he never knows when he’ll get one. Is that more fun for him?

We’ve been round and round with things. How long should his wait be? Should he know when it’s time? Of course, I’m in charge and I can do whatever I want. But I like feedback. Sometimes he’s advocated for the schedule, but here we are with no schedule. His input for wait times has been a little more concrete. Uncured concrete, but still more concrete.

At one point I gave Lion an orgasm every day. That proved to be too much of a good thing. Ironically, when we first got together, he wanted an orgasm every day. Either I’ve become boring or age has gotten the better of us.

Now Lion’s sweet spot seems to be between four and ten days. I’m sure he could do two days in a row, but much more than that probably wouldn’t work. Much longer than ten days and he starts to lose interest. I can’t have that. A horny Lion is a happy Lion. Yes, that does seem backwards. You’d think he’d be happier when he’s had an orgasm, but I really think he’s happier when he’s horny.

Actually he’s happier when I’m making the decisions. As long as I’m calling the shots, he’s a happy boy. If I said the schedule is back and he’ll know what night he’ll have an orgasm from now until the end of time, he’d happily play along. I’m leaning more toward the element of surprise. What if I don’t feel like giving him an orgasm on May 18th at 8:45 pm? Obviously I wouldn’t have to. I can change anything I want at any time. But why even make it an issue. Nope. The schedule stays gone. I like that he never knows.


  1. Personally I like the feeling of being horny. I also like being surprised. In some ways Lion and me are a lot alike.

    1. Yes, we are.

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