Back and Forth

Lion suggested going out to dinner tonight. When I got home from work he said he’d been working on “back and forth” a lot and when he got wobbly he decided to take a break. Back and forth was from the bedroom to the kitchen and back. In a sense, he was doing laps. This is great news. He’s working toward normalcy. I don’t know if he used up all his energy for going out to dinner. We’ll see how he feels.

Last night I said he might be ready to drive in another week or so. He said he hopes he can drive sooner than that. I asked how if he can’t make it down the steps to get to the car. He can, of course. He just shouldn’t do it alone. As far as driving is concerned, I hope he’d take it easy and admit he needs me to drive before he gets into any trouble. It’s not that I doubt his ability. I doubt his stamina. With his muscles not cooperating with each other entirely, his mind is certainly willing even if the body can’t quite get there.

I know he’s not up for a trip to Costco or any store for that matter. I’m never sure I’m up for a trip to Costco. But I think he can certainly walk into a restaurant. If he has tired himself out today, we can go tomorrow. There’s no rush. We have food here.

The list of things I need to help him with or do for Lion is dwindling. He still needs help with things that take two hands. His right arm is getting better but it still needs time. He needs help in the shower and drying off. I’m in no hurry to give this up. I like washing his butt and especially my weenie. When I spend time to get it super clean, I get an erection as a present. Who wouldn’t love that? Maybe the showers are the last thing that should be given up.

[Lion — Does Mrs. Lion really have to stop making sure I’m squeaky clean even after I can use both hands? I hope not].