Both Hands and a Magic Wand

I think Lion gives me too much credit. I don’t think too much about my left hand. I wouldn’t consider making reference to it in hopes of getting him aroused. It just happens to be the hand that I use to jerk him off. And his knees-in-the-air positioning? I think it’s a reaction to my needing more room on the bed when I suck him. But I could be wrong.

Last night it didn’t seem to matter which hand I used. I tried both. I even tried lube. And then Lion suggested some electric intervention. That did the trick. I even let him have an orgasm. I figure he needs to clear out all the surgery goo so he can get back to normal ejaculations. He only got a little bit last night. Once the pipes are clear, I’ll go back to our regular routine of every four to seven days. [Lion — last night was my fifth day]

I’m not in any hurry to lock him back up. He’ll probably be ready for edging and delayed orgasms before he’s ready for the cage. He’s still somewhat wobbly when he walks. He doesn’t need any more of a hindrance when he pees.

A few hours ago, Lion suggested going out to dinner tomorrow night. Now I know he’s getting cabin fever. I don’t know where he wants to go. It might just be anywhere but home. He hasn’t been out since his doctor appointment. The fresh air will do him good.