Flying Solo

I went back to work today. It was only four hours but they were a long four hours. It took me two hours just to dig myself out of three weeks worth of emails and physical inbox crap. And then I was ready for a nap.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Lion was on his own. He managed to make it to the kitchen to make his own lunch. His shoulder hurt but he did it. All by himself. It’s necessary to say that Lion hadn’t been to the kitchen since he passed through it on the way home from the hospital. We went out the other door when we went to his doctor appointment. The kitchen is at the opposite end of the house from the bedroom. I stink at estimating distances, but it’s a long way when you’re not necessarily that steady on your paws.

Lion suggested I could work a longer day tomorrow. Let’s not get too carried away. I was planning on getting my sleep pattern back to normal before I did anything, but things were just sort of sprung on me yesterday. I may have to ease my way back into an eight hour day. Maybe Wednesday. Maybe not. There’s something to be said for staying home all day and napping off and on. I teased Lion that he’s had four surgeries recently so I get the next one. When do I get to be waited on?

Of course I’m teasing. Lion takes very good care of me. We take good care of each other. I’ll go back to work full time when I feel more comfortable about leaving him here to fend for himself all day. One lunch trip to the kitchen is fine, but I think he needs a babysitter a little longer.

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  1. Yes you both do Ma’am

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