Long Afternoon

Yesterday we ventured to Lion’s doctor appointment. It was an eye checkup for his glaucoma. It was also his first foray out of the house since coming home from the hospital.

Our first hurdle was exactly how to get Lion to the car. He didn’t want me to build a wheelchair ramp but that seemed to be the easiest thing for him. Instead, he hugged the post beside the steps and lowered himself slowly down to the sidewalk. From there, it was a quick trip to the car in the wheelchair. Then it was a cake walk.

Unfortunately, since we were double- or triple-booked, we waited over an hour to see the doctor. Lion had already been out of bed for about an hour. He was fading fast. Our mistake, apparently, had been in not bringing pain meds other than Tylenol with us. He would have been in less pain, but he probably would have been more out of it by the time the doctor got to us.

Lion found out what many people already know: sitting in a wheelchair for an extended period of time is very uncomfortable. That’s why there is such a big business in aftermarket cushions and other accessories. As soon as he made it back in the car, he felt a little better.

We hadn’t eaten lunch before we left the house so we stopped to pick up Panera on the way home. It was a relatively early dinner for us, but we figured we could have a snack later on. Of course, Lion needed a nap after his long afternoon. And he was actually able to sleep last night. I told him he needs more outings like this to help his recovery. Maybe not every day, but some out-of-the-house time tomorrow might be in order.

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  1. You are both on the right path. My wife, P, says to tell Lion to not be prideful. If he’d have fallen getting down from the door it could have been catastrophic. She says you need to give Lion a “bottom burner” for her when you are both back to routine.


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