We Have Liftoff

Lion has been getting himself up for about a day now. He only needs help when he’s tired or in more pain. He’s even been walking without the walker. It’s funny to see him carrying the walker. He’s almost like a little kid. “Look, ma, no hands!” He was considering not using the walker at all but I’d rather he have it with him in case he needs it. At least for a little while. Once he gets stronger he can jettison it.

We were going to eat dinner in the kitchen the other day, but Lion was feeling unsteady so we ate in bed again. He’s set his sights on making it into his home office today so perhaps you’ll see a post from him. He really does seem to be moving more. Maybe he saw the wheelchair ramp as a threat to his ability to get around.

For the past few days, Lion has said he’s horny. One day he suggested I try to arouse him earlier in the day. I’m not sure what difference that would make since he sleeps during the day and is awake most of the night. Our schedule is all out of whack. Lion wasn’t eating much so dinner was whenever. If I sit with him in the bedroom I start to fall asleep. I’ve been trying to get dressed and move around more myself so I don’t lapse into a coma.

At any rate, it’s been a little more difficult to snuggle because Lion’s left arm and shoulder have been sensitive to touch. It makes things more awkward for me, but I decided to test the horniness level last night. As soon as I snuggled closer, he started to purr. Silly big cat. And in no time he was hard.

I sat up and started playing with him. I had no idea how far we’d get. He was definitely having fun but I wasn’t getting him to the edge. I asked if he was done. He said he was hornier than ever. I could have stopped right there. Leaving him horny is a good thing, right? But he suggested using the Magic Wand.

It was almost two weeks since his surgery. Given his discomfort, I didn’t think we’d get as far as we did. I decided that edging him was cruel. If he could make it to the edge, we’d go right on over. The Magic Wand did the trick. A few squeaky yells and we had liftoff. He didn’t produce much semen but, then again, he hasn’t been eating or drinking much.

At least as far as sex is concerned, Lion is back.