Frustration Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Lion is still snoozing a lot. He’s still taking pain medication and I’m sure that’s part of it. He keeps apologizing for being so tired. I’m glad he’s sleeping. He needs to so he can recover.

I think he’s doing a lot better but he’s still frustrated. Unless he was able to bounce right up off the bed after the surgery, he wasn’t going to be happy. We did manage to get him into the shower yesterday so at least he’s a clean Lion. And he’s been venturing into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Last night Lion asked how many days it’s been since he had an orgasm. If memory serves, he had one the Friday before his surgery. Of course, he’s not ready to have another one, but I think it’s a good sign he’s thinking about it. He keeps saying he’s broken, but if he’s wondering about orgasms then I don’t think he’s broken.

I suspended Lion’s rules while he’s recuperating. However, he’s been trying to remind me of punishment day and he asked if he could eat first yesterday. Somewhere under all the incoherent, half-asleep babble, he’s thinking about FLRD. Obviously, I’m not going to punish him for forgetting the rules since they aren’t in effect. I just like the fact that he’s trying to obey them.

The worst part about Lion being out of it is that we’ve had quite a few very nice days in a row. It’s been in the 70s for a few days and poor Lion is missing it. I’m sorry we don’t have a lounge chair that he could snooze outside on.

I know Lion is discouraged that things aren’t progressing as quickly as he’d like. But every day I see improvement in his strength and stability. I think he just needs to be a little more patient, although that’s definitely not his strong point.

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