Not surprising, Lion hasn’t been getting much sleep in the hospital. Similarly, I haven’t been sleeping well. I sleep but I don’t get rested. Lion just doesn’t sleep and this is making him a little surly. Granted, today his pain level is higher, but lack of sleep doesn’t help.

The initial prognosis was a three-day hospital stay. So far, Lion hasn’t been able to walk. He’s only stood by the bed and shuffled his feet. I didn’t expect him to run down the hall, but I thought he’d be more mobile than he is. I’m sure today’s progress was slowed by the increased pain. He will have to be walking to be able to go home. I think the new goal is Saturday.

The good news is that he’s been moving his right arm more. He won’t be pitching for the Yankees (ever) but each day he can do more. He can’t raise his arm but he can now slow its descent. Baby steps.

He’s snoozing off and on this afternoon. I hope it translates to actual rest. I think they’re done poking and prodding him for a while. He just got pain meds again so all is right with the world.


  1. Hugs to you, Lions!!! Hang in there, we are pulling for you!!

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