Ninja Nub

Lion wanted to try the smaller ring with the Nub. I agreed. We were watching a TV show that he’d lost interest in and I was trying to understand while looking online for info. I swear no more than a few minutes has gone by since he suggested trying the smaller ring, but he was already in it and struggling to get the cage on. What the hell?

When I asked why there was a rush, he insisted there was none but that ten minutes had gone by and I hadn’t moved. So? Just because he wasn’t watching the show didn’t mean I wasn’t. Everything has to happen at the speed of Lion, whether that’s slow or quick. I should have gone straight for the paddle, but I never think of that first. Instead, I did what he wanted.

The problem with the smaller ring is that there isn’t a lot of real estate to play with. Things have to be lined up, the sharp points on the ring avoided, the cage has to go in but down at the same time and then further in. For whatever reason, maybe I was just mad, it went together easier yesterday. All the while I was concerned with pinching and how much of a bruise would be left for the nursing staff to see and wonder what happened to my weenie. Having never had a zipper accident myself, I don’t know if they are more prevalent on the top or bottom or just whatever portion of the weenie happens to be unlucky enough to be in the way.

For now, the cage is on and, since the accidental orgasm was only the night before, there was no rush for it to come back off. I’m writing this before Lion wakes up, but before bed he said it was comfortable. He’ll have to speak to whether he’s still lined up or if the rotation happened again.

As for whether I like it or not, I’m not sure. It mashes my weenie down into my balls. So far, it’s not a look I like, but I’m trying to keep an open mind. The lock seems to be easier to manage than the threaded lock of the Jail Bird. I think there are merits to both. The heft of the Jail Bird certainly makes its presence known. However, the Nub is more of a Ninja cage. It’s there but you can’t really feel it.

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